Guide to Maximizing Your Bandwidth and Downloading Large Files Quickly and Easily

Expert Tips to Download Large Files Fast, Anytime, Anywhere!

Maximize Your Bandwidth to Download Large Files Easily

Imagine living in a cottage in 1700 when the only lighting tools were candles, torches and oil lamps. Now, let’s move forward to when the light bulb became known to man. Obviously, people were shocked that a lighting tool could last 24/7 without it burning them. 

Enough time passed, and people got used to 8-candled power bulbs, but the mystery of electricity was just about to shock them again. People found out that the magic of light that illuminated their houses was not in the bulbs but in the current that passed through the bulbs. The current was, in fact, infinite and was limited based on the instrument converting it. The bigger and more powerful the light bulbs, the brighter the light. 

Why did we take you down this journey back in time? 

Well, I wanted to place a comprehensive idea in your mind about capacity, which thighs perfectly to our topic, bandwidth. 

Most of us speak of technical concepts every day, but we don’t really know what we’re talking about. For instance, how many of you think that bandwidth is the same as connection or download speed?

Bandwidth Is a Different Concept Than Internet Connection and Download Speed That Should Not Be Confused
Image Source: Pexels.Com

Why don’t you read through this article, and once you know everything about bandwidth and how it relates to download speed, leave us a comment and answer the above question?

(We’re not here to judge, just a bit curious!)

What Is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is markedly the capacity of your wireless/wired internet connection for sending and receiving data. Maybe you have wondered why your network plans have different prices; well, one reason is the bandwidth difference. 

For example, you go to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and tell them you need a high-speed Internet plan to download large files quickly. What you actually mean is you need a high download bandwidth. 

Download speed and download bandwidth are two different things. 

Let me explain with a simple analogy:

Imagine you go to a guru in magical mountains to learn the art of magic. The guru then tells you that you can access all the magical power you want from a mysterious river that runs through the mountain, but there’s a catch. The magical power is limitless, but the amount of power you can absorb is not. Meaning that you can only possess enough power that your human vessel can endure.

So you loaded up on your magical power, and now it’s time to use it. Harnessing that power requires strength and speed. (It doesn’t matter how powerful your magical power is, if it is too much, it will handicap you instead of enabling you to do great (we hope) things.)

Internet and the Bandwidth

So let’s combine our story with bandwidth. The magical power you can access is the internet, your capacity to hold the magical power is the bandwidth, and the speed is self-explanatory. Unlike the magical river or the electricity current we discussed in the introduction, bandwidth is not unlimited. Bandwidth varies based on the power of your router and your physical location.

Do you recall seeing numbers like 1 Gbps when you wanted to buy your internet plans? 1 Gbps means your bandwidth can handle sending and receiving 1 Gigabyte of data per second.  

So now that you know what bandwidth is, you must be wondering how to maximize bandwidth for your office or home network devices. But first, let’s do some digging. 

How to Check Download Bandwidth & Maximize Download Speed?

Assessing the Bandwidth of Your Internet Connection Is the First Step to Take for Maximizing the Bandwidth
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To maximize bandwidth, first, you must assess your download bandwidth. Although bandwidth and speed are two different things, we can uncover the measurement of both with one test, the speed test

The speed of your download and upload will determine your network’s bandwidth. 

So, for example, if you download large files frequently, say 500 Megabyte files, and your speed test reveals that your download speed is, say 10 Mbps, it would take about 6 minutes for your download to complete. The same process is applicable to determine upload bandwidth. 

Before we talk about how you can increase your download speed, let’s cover another frequently asked question:

Maximizing Bandwidth

Your home or office network bandwidth is set by your ISP, but there are some things you can do to maximize bandwidth:

  • No to WiFi and Yes to Ethernet: Ethernet cables might seem like ancient internet connection tools compared to wireless ones, but they are much faster and more reliable. The data is directly transmitted between the sender and the receiver without running into interference from other cables. 
  • Turn off automated backups: if you have a Windows PC, you are all too familiar with its non-stop backups and updates. We are so grateful that Microsoft releases all sorts of updates to keep our systems safe, but they are super bandwidth hoggers. 
  • Remove unnecessary devices from your network: Our smart gadgets all run on an internet connection which is great but can consume our bandwidth significantly. Consider disconnecting devices you don’t frequently use from your internet to maximize bandwidth for your other important activities. (Like streaming Wednesday on Netflix. ;))
  • Buy a new router: Old routers have broadcasting limitations set at 2.4 GHz. Consider opting for a modern model that supports 5Ghz. Keep in mind that a router, just like other digital devices, has a lifespan, and yours might be taking its last breaths, so maybe it’s time to part with it.
  • Adjust your streaming quality: save high-quality streaming for your favorite show and reduce it for other platforms you barely use. (For example, if you watch every show on Netflix, only tune in on BBC to watch Dragons’ Den, and visit Hulu or Amazon Prime once a year, make sure you turn down the streaming quality for your Hulu or Amazon Prime account.)

How to Increase Download Bandwidth? 

Increasing your download bandwidth is undoubtedly essential if you want to download large files fast. 

Here are easy tips to increase download speed:

System Settings

  • Check your system’s performance: This might be surprising, but an overloaded, slow system can affect your download speed significantly. Deleting temporary files, clearing browsing cache, closing background apps, disabling automatic backups and updates, scanning for malware, and finally restarting your device will help in improving your system’s performance. 
  • Change your DNS server: DNS (Domain Name System) makes all internet communication possible and allows you to find what you want to download. Your ISP usually sets your DNS settings, but if you experience slow download speed, you can change it to reliable public DNS servers. Click here to learn how. 

Download Tips

  • No streaming when downloading or uploading: You are about to start a big file download and are just itching to pass the time by watching your favorite show on Hulu. But doing so will decrease your download speed significantly, which wastes your time and ultimately frustrates you. What’s worse is that while you blissfully are glued to Hulu, the download might stop, and there if your download manager has no resume button, oh oh, an angry face emerges. 
  • Use parallel downloading: One of the great features that most reputable download managers have is parallel downloading which increases download speed by connecting to multiple connection ports simultaneously.

Feature-Rich Download Manager

  • Use a reliable download manager: Download managers are excellent tools for accelerating download speed, especially for large files. Note that even the best download manager, like IDM, does not increase your internet speed; it uses advanced techniques to increase download speed. Plus, IDM has many other amazing features that can make downloading a hoot, such as dynamic segmentation, parallel downloading, a download scheduler, etc. 
  • Schedule downloads: I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but IDM has the best download scheduler feature I have ever seen. Have you noticed that there are certain times of day the download speed is basically zero? Those are peak downloading times when everyone is hogging the internet for different purposes. With IDM’s Built-in Scheduler, you can download large files once you and everybody else hit your pillow at night. Don’t worry about your computer; IDM will shut it off once the downloads are complete. 
Having a Feature-Rich Download Manager on the System Makes the Experience Straightforward for Users
Image Source: Pexels.Com

With all this talk about IDM, I bet you are wondering about its license price and whether or not it would be worth it. 

Firstly, you should know that IDM is one of the most popular download managers on the market and has a well-trained community of developers who are always adding new and exciting features to the software. 

Secondly, if you are looking to buy IDM’s license at a budget-friendly cost, click here and get blown away by these ridiculously low prices. 

If IDM is not a suitable download manager for you, we will introduce other great options in the next section.

Top 5 Download Managers to Increase Download Speed

After you set your system up to download large files at maximum bandwidth, it’s time to kick things up not one but ten notches to experience the optimal download speed. 

Here’s a list of robust download managers that can help you do that:

1. Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Features and benefits:

  • Built-in download scheduler
  • Resume/pause button (no corrupted files due to sudden interruptions)
  • Batch downloads
  • Download queues 
  • Dynamic file segmentation
  • User-friendly and simple interface
  • It supports popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome
  • It supports HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, MMS, and Microsoft ISA protocols


IDM is only available for Windows OS.

2. Download Accelerator Manager (DAM)

Features and benefits:

  • Batch downloads and a scheduler 
  • Virus checker
  • MediaGrabber (automatic download from streaming platforms)
  • Resume and recover for interrupted downloads
  • Dynamic file segmentation
  • No file-part-appending 
  • Built-in intelligent download logic accelerator
  • It supports Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape, and Safari


DAM is only available for Windows OS.

3. JDownloader 

Features and benefits:

  • Free and open source
  • Automatic RAR extraction
  • LinkGrabber (Adds download links directly to the program for immediate downloading)
  • Pause and stop button
  • Simultaneous connections 
  • It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems
  • It supports +300 decryption plugins
  • It supports Firefox and Google Chrome


JDownloader is a bit memory-hungry.

4. Internet Download Accelerator (IDA) 

Features and benefits:

  • Batch downloads
  • Advanced scheduling 
  • Resume button
  • Virus checker
  • Parallel downloading
  • It auto-categorizes downloads
  • It equally supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols
  • It correspondingly supports Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Yandex, and Vivaldi


  • IDA is only available for Windows OS.
  • It doesn’t refresh the download links.

5. GetGo Download Manager 

Features and benefits:

  • Download scheduler
  • Built-in web browser
  • Batch downloads
  • Recovery and resume option
  • Preview option before downloading
  • It auto-categorizes downloads
  • It supports multiple threads
  • It can also download files from password-protected websites


  • GetGo Download Manager is only available for Windows OS.
  • GetGo Download Manager only integrates with Firefox. 

Choosing the best download manager comes down to your needs and operating system. But if you have a Windows PC, IDM is the best download manager you can use, without a doubt.

In this next section, we will talk about how the right antivirus can increase download speed to a huge degree. 

Antivirus & Download Speed; What’s the Connection?

Antivirus and Cybersecurity Solutions Leave a Direct Impact on the Speed and Quality of Internet Connection
Image Source: Pexels.Com

Many users experience slow internet speed after installing an antivirus, but can an antivirus affect your internet or, more importantly, your download speed?

The short answer is no.

One of your antivirus solution’s jobs is to monitor web pages and stop potential threats from harming your device. Since the antivirus scans each web page, it takes a toll on your connection speed. 

However, there are some antivirus solutions that do not impact your browsing speed.

Here are the front runners, according to

Bitdefender is indeed one of the best antivirus solutions that doesn’t impact your system negatively and offers excellent online security measures against all e-threats, from viruses, worms and Trojans, to ransomware, zero-day exploits, rootkits and spyware.

If you decide to use Bitdefender, click here for the best pricing plans.  

Wrapping It Up

We covered the meaning of bandwidth and download speed and also offered practical tips to maximize bandwidth for faster downloading. The first step was ensuring your router and internet plan had access to maximum bandwidth for a big file download. (The check-up process.)

Then we talked about tips for increasing bandwidth:

  • No to WiFi and Yes to Ethernet
  • Turn off automated backups
  • Remove unnecessary devices from your network
  • Buy a new router
  • Adjust your streaming quality

The second step was to monitor and assess your system’s performance. Sometimes your system is overloaded and cannot function properly, let alone download large files quickly. 

Tips to increase your system’s performance:

  • Clear the browser’s cache
  • Close background apps
  • Check for malware and other cyber threats
  • Disable automatic backups and updates

Next, we mentioned that you need the right download manager to increase download speed. The best download manager should offer:

  • Dynamic file segmentation
  • Download scheduler
  • Batch downloads
  • Pause, resume, and recover feature
  • Support for popular internet protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols
  • Integration with popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer 

And many more.

Certain Tips Can Help You Maximize Bandwidth and Download Large Files in a Shorter Time
Image Source: Pexels.Com

Then we introduced the top 5 download managers on the market that make your downloading experience hassle-free and quick as a bunny.

And finally, we covered how an antivirus solution can affect your connection or download speed and mentioned six robust antivirus solutions that don’t interfere with your downloading. 

Here is our final recap to download large files quicker than ever before:

  1. Check your bandwidth and download speed.
  2. Check your system’s performance and make sure there aren’t any bugs, malware, viruses, or other glitches.
  3. Install the best download manager based on your downloading needs and operating system.
  4. Install a download-friendly antivirus that doesn’t slow down your download or browsing speed.

Download Large Files and Maximize Bandwidth FAQ

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the capacity of data sending and receiving via your internet connection in a specified duration. If your bandwidth is 1 Gbps, that means you can download or upload 1 Gigabyte of data in 1 second. 

Why is maximizing bandwidth important when downloading large files?

Large files can take hours or even days to download if your bandwidth is limited. Imagine wanting to download one of these popular games: Red Dead Redemption II, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, or Quantum Break. Each game has at least 100GB of files to download. If your bandwidth is limited, say at 10 Mbps, it would take about 22 hours to download a 100GB game. Talk about a waste of time. 

What are download managers, and how do they work?

Download managers are software that accelerate download speed through advanced techniques like multi-threads, file segmentation, etc. Most download managers have a built-in scheduler that allows users to download large files outside peak hours. 

How can I schedule downloads to optimize efficiency?

If you use a robust download manager like IDM, you can schedule your downloads at any time you want, whether you are asleep, at the office, taking your dog for a walk, need to take a shower, etc. Download scheduler frees up your time to focus on your important activities and not worry about downloading large files on time.

Can I prioritize my downloads to ensure important files are downloaded first?

Yes. You can use download queues, an IDM feature, to prioritize your downloads in any order you want. 

How to optimize download speed in Windows 10?

You can do the following to increase download speed in Windows:
1. Turn off metered connection: Settings>Network & Internet>WiFi>Manage known networks>Properties>turn off Set as metered connection
2. Change the bandwidth limit: Settings>Update & Security>Advanced options>Delivery Optimization>Advanced options>Adjust Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading/uploading updates in the background
3. Close background apps: Settings>Privacy>Background apps>in the Choose which apps can run in the background section, turn off unnecessary or unused apps
4. Delete temporary field: Settings>System>Storage >Temporary files>Remove files

How to increase download speed on Mac?

Here are some steps to download large files on Mac faster:
1. Rebooting: Ctrl + Cmd + Eject
2. Clear RAM: Run Terminal> Type sudo purge>enter the admin password
You should also limit browser extensions and check for malware.

What if I’m still having trouble downloading large files efficiently?

You should change your internet plan if you’ve done everything we suggested to increase download speed but still have issues. Also, contact your ISP and make sure your router has the requirements for fast downloading. 

The Ultimate Guide to Download Files from Sharing Websites and Introducing the Best File-Sharing Platforms

How to Download Files from Sharing Websites Using IDM?

Introducing File Sharing Platforms

What has been the best benefit of tech advancement? 

I’d have to say saving time. 

Let’s start with a simple yet relevant example. Imagine it’s 1997, and the first Harry Potter book has come out. Everyone is antsy to get a copy and dive in; before you know it, the books are sold out. Now, you have two options, wait for the second release or ask your friend to share the book with you. 

The first option is no good because you’d have to wait several months to buy your copy, and the second option is not exactly doable. Even if you and your friend start to read the book at the same time, you both have to adjust to each other’s reading speed. Not to mention there are a lot of weird names in the first Harry Potter book, so at some point, you may have to re-read a page. That’s when the hair-pulling and yelling start. 

File Sharing Is the Practice of Distributing or Providing Access to Digital Media in General
Image Source:

So what if there was a way your friend could share the book with you virtually? 

Then you both would be able to read the book at your own pace and anywhere you wanted.

This was just an example to clarify how much file-sharing sites can help you save time and browse through any data based on your schedule. 

Obviously, because of copyright issues, it isn’t ethical or even legal for your friend to share the Harry Potter book with you, but you get the idea. 

This article is about how you can download from sharing sites (which is 100% legal) at a much faster rate. But first, let’s talk a little about file-sharing sites/platforms. 

What Is A File-Sharing Website?

File Sharing Sites Provide Services to Access Digital Media Like Photos, Videos, Documents, Etc., from Anywhere
Image Source:

A file-sharing site is an online platform that allows users to upload and download files virtually (Good for users and the environment). To download from sharing sites, most of them anyway, you need to create an account and pick a username and a password. 

Some websites allow you to upload and download files without registering, but you might face speed or upload/download limits. 

Mediafire, Sync, Wetransfer, Rapidshare, Internxt Are the Leading File Sharing Websites for Storing, Transferring and Uploading Files
Image Source:

Top 5 File-Sharing Websites

If you download from sharing sites frequently, then it’s important to use a trustworthy platform. Check out these ultra secure file-sharing websites, and then we’ll discuss how you can increase your downloading speed to maximize your productivity. 

1. MediaFire

  • Multiple simultaneous downloads (Bulk Downloading) are supported
  • The Basic plan supports 10 GB
  • Android and iOS applications
  • Direct and ad-free downloads (Premium)
  • Password protection (Premium)
  • Download managers are supported (Premium)
  • 1-time download links (Premium)
  • 1 TB of bandwidth per month (Premium)
  • Premium pricing starts at $5.83/month
MediaFire Logo


  • Real-time backup to recover from ransomware, hardware failure, and human error 
  • Custom-branded client file portal
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure 
  • Advanced security protocols, including two-factor authentication, granular user permissions, remote wipe, etc
  • Unlimited cloud storage and unlimited data transfer (Premium)
  • Activity logs and desktop notifications on all sharing activity
  • Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Microsoft Office 365 integration is supported
  • Premium pricing starts at $6/month

3. WeTransfer

  • Full visibility over all your transfers with a chronological record of every file
  • 200 GB per transfer and 1 TB extra storage per team member with the Pro plan
  • Real-time visual design and copy feedback
  • Due dates and automated reminders feature
  • Preview and playback are supported to save downloading storage
  • Teams option to manage files and collaborate faster 
  • Teams Switcher (be a part of as many teams as you want)
  • Two-factor authentication and early threat detection
  • Premium pricing starts at $12.86/month
WeTransfer Logo

4. RapidShare

  • 100% free uploads and downloads (maximum file size for free accounts: 1 GB)
  • Password option to protect your files
  • All types of files are supported, including music, videos, and photos (Copyright laws must be adhered to.)
  • Anonymous payments are supported
  • Unlimited simultaneous downloads (Premium)
  • Direct downloads without speed limitations (Premium)
  • Upload files up to 10.00 GB in size (Premium)
  • Download managers are supported (Premium)
  • Premium pricing starts at $1.99 per day
RapidShare logo

 5. Internxt

  • Supports 10 GB of file transfer for free
  • Seamless integration with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Apple iCloud
  • Password Protected File Sharing
  • Military-grade encryption (AES-256)
  • Zero-Knowledge and end-to-end encryption
  • Encrypt and share large files fast and securely with Send
  • Internxt Drive to organize and share your files based on your preferences
  • Internxt Photos to upload visual files protected with blockchain technology
  • Premium pricing starts at $1.06/month

Now that you know some of the popular platforms to upload or download files, it’s time we introduce you to the software that could be named the wizard of download managers.

How to Download from Sharing Sites at a Supersonic Speed?

There is only one download manager that offers:

  • Supersonic downloading speed (5-times faster than its competitors)
  • Has a functional pause/resume button (most download managers claim they offer this feature, but the reviews we read say otherwise)
  • Allows users to be in charge of their time by offering them the download scheduler feature
  • Executes multiple download queues simultaneously

And best of all, it supports downloading from sharing websites.

The name of this oh-so-popular download manager is Internet Download Manager

Whether you want to download from sharing sites or other streaming platforms, downloading with IDM gives you a 100% hassle-free downloading experience. Most users complain about their downloading speed and how they lost important files during a download because of non-working pause/resume buttons. Well, you won’t run into any downloading problems with IDM.

This doesn’t mean that if you download with IDM, your internet speed increases; IDM uses advanced technology to create multiple access points to a server, and that’s how you can enjoy 5-times faster downloading speed. 

(If you want to buy IDM’s license at a cost-effective rate, click here.)

Download with IDM: Sharing Websites Edition

IDM’s feature to download files from sharing websites is straightforward, like all of its features. Keep in mind that you need to create a premium account on your file-sharing website to use IDM’s Site Login feature. 

Here’s how:

  1. Open IDM and click on Options
  2. Click on Site Logins.
  3. Write “” and “*” for server names.
  4. Enter your login information. (Username and password.)
How to Download From File Sharing Websites Using IDM in the Software Interface
Credit: IDM

That’s it. Now you can download files from sharing websites 5-times faster than your co-workers or even your boss. 😉

Wrapping It Up

Whether you run a 1-man business or a 1000-men company, you must have run into file-sharing issues at some point. Then after a simple Google search, you find out that there are excellent file-sharing platforms that allow you to upload/download multiple files and share them with anyone at any time.

Did you have any extra issues with your downloading?

Maybe you wanted to download from sharing sites at 2 a.m. but kept having to start over your downloads because of network interruptions? 

Or maybe you just wanted to go to sleep and wished the files could download themselves?

I feel you.

And I have the ultimate solution to your problem:

Download with IDM.

So simple yet so neglected. Many users may even use Internet Download Manager right now but are unaware of its Site Login feature, which is just one of IDM’s practical and intelligent features. 

IDM’s Site Login feature enables users to download files from sharing websites 5-times faster, with zero glitches. Truly, IDM is one of a kind among its many competitors, and the reason lies in the product’s features; they are what everyone needs (or will need_yup; the IDM team is always improving their product.) to download anything effortlessly. 

Download from Sharing Websites using IDM FAQ

How to download from sharing websites faster?

You need to use a fast and reliable download manager like IDM. If you download with IDM, you have full control over your downloads and you experience 5-times faster speed compared to other download managers.  

What is the best platform for uploading/downloading files?

MediaFire and are excellent file-sharing platforms and have budget-friendly pricing plans. Check out their amazing features in the “Top 5 File Sharing Websites” section.

Is it safe to download from sharing websites using IDM?

IDM has strict privacy policies regarding all matters. It’s 100% natural to be concerned about your data safety considering the rising rates of hacks and cyber threats. But rest assured, IDM is the safest download manager and has built a glowing reputation since day one.

IDM for Android and iOS Solutions Are Rampant But Choosing the Best One Requires Exact Comparison

IDM for Android: What Is the Best Download Manager for Smartphones?

Internet Download Manager Experience on Smartphones

We install all kinds of apps and software on our phones and use them daily. That’s the beauty of technology; it literally has turned our phones into tiny computers. So it’s only natural for us to want to use popular apps like IDM on our phones as well as our personal computers. 

Some Popular Software Products Are Not Exactly Available on Smartphones But You Can Find Equivalent Alternatives
Image Source:

So why isn’t there a version of IDM for Android/iOS phones still?

Let’s think about one of the most popular online games of all time, World of Warcraft. If you have played this exciting game on your +40-inch computer monitor before, you know the sense of rush that comes with it; it’s as if you are really on the field. Now, I tell you that you can play World of Warcraft on your mobile as well. Which device would you choose and why?

If it were me, I would choose my huge monitor to play this magnificent game over my phone any day because the experience is oh-so-wonderful. 

Do you get the idea? It’s the experience and the feeling that makes the game special. 

Now, I have another question for you. Do you think it’s easy to create software that delivers the exact same experience on both mobile phones and computers?

Compatibility issues aside, it is super challenging to create feature-rich software such as IDM and expect it to offer the same user experience in different devices of size and operating systems. 

Now can you guess why we can’t use IDM on mobile up to this moment?

To keep the quality and originality of software high, most software companies refrain from releasing compatible versions for mobile phones. 

Download Manager Solutions for Android and iOS

So what choice do you have? 

Regarding IDM – the best download manager software on the market – you can use it on your PC and enjoy downloading five times faster than other software, among other amazing features. 

Choosing Top IDM for Android and iOS Alternatives Helps You Manage Downloads on Your Phones Most Easily
Image Source:

As for your phone, in this article, we introduce top download manager apps that can deliver the same-ish results compared to using IDM on mobile. As you will see, some of these apps have IDM right in their name; that’s because Internet Download Manager has received such glowing feedback from users that it’s become an icon in the tech world. 

(Many companies claim they have software that acts basically as an IDM on mobile, but please be aware that IDM software does not have a mobile version yet. Hopefully, the company will release it soon; when they do, IDM on mobile will be more like IDM on steroids. 😀)

First, we want to share a short section highlighting IDM’s features for those unfamiliar with the software. That’s because although you can’t use it on your phone, it certainly is missing from your computer’s download arsenal. 

Brief Intro About IDM & Its Jazzing Features

IDM is short for Internet Download Manager, software that is specifically designed to combat downloading issues and accelerate downloading speed to a tee. 

What are these downloading issues?

Download Scheduling Capability

Most of us live hectic lives and our daily schedule changes by the hour. So for a long time, we dreaded downloading because it required us to sit behind the computer with our eyes glued to the screen until the files were downloaded. 

No bathroom or snack breaks, let alone tending to our other priorities. IDM scheduler has solved this issue beautifully. With the IDM scheduler, we can create download queues and let IDM do its magic. No interference and no manual instruction; it sounds robotic, but we love it. 

Internet Download Manager on Smartphones Can Boost Your Download Experience Significantly
Image Source:

Resume Capability

Resume buttons don’t work unless they belong to IDM. (OK, maybe they do in some apps, but as far as we know, hitting them either restarts the download at 0% or delivers a corrupted file in the end.) 

Now, no one has the time or extra gigabytes to waste on non-working resume features, but with IDM, every second and every gigabyte counts. IDM’s resume feature allows you to pause your downloads and resume downloading without any wasted or corrupt parts. 

You can blend this feature with the previous one for smart downloading, i.e., automatic downloading at off-peak times.

Fast Downloading

IDM’s intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology is the secret behind its fast downloading speed. IDM prides itself on downloading files five times faster than other software or browsers; this is not a selling point, we and many other users can vouch for it. 

In fact, we love to hear your reviews on IDM; please share them in the comment section.

OK, we hear you. Enough about IDM, and let’s get on with our main topic: the best mobile download manager apps on the market. 

(Before we get started, remember that you can’t use IDM on mobile, but in the next sections, we introduce some of IDM’s best alternatives you can use as an Android download manager and iOS download manager.)

Top 8 IDM for Android Alternatives

IDM for Android is a term people search for because of the popularity of IDM among downloading software. The table below lists Android download manager apps that offer similar functionalities compared to IDM. 

Advanced Download Manager Is One of the Most Powerful Downloaders for Android
Image Source:
IDM for Android SchedulerParallel Downloading Torrent Download SupportPause/Resume FeatureAd-free
Turbo Download Manager
Free Download Manager FDM
Advanced Download Manager HoloN/A
Advanced Download Manager
Fast Download Manager 
Download Manager Accelerator
Easy Downloader Pro

If we had to choose from these top 8 IDM for Android, we would pick FDM because it has received excellent user feedback and is super easy to use. But make sure you install software that can deliver what you need, especially if you are paying for it. 

Top 5 IDM Alternatives for iOS

I bet IDM is both thrilled and terrified that people would say such terms as IDM for iOS. Thrilled because it shows how much people love the Internet Download Manager software, and terrified because there is no IDM for iOS, only its close equivalents. 

Best IDM Replacement for iOS Includes: idownloader, fGet, and Dmanager.
Image Source:

The table below is a list of iOS download manager apps that offer few similar functionalities compared to IDM. 

IDM for iOSSchedulerParallel Downloading Unlimited DownloadsPause/Resume FeatureCons
iDownloaderContains bugs
Browser & Documents ManagerDoes not support audio/video files
fGetDoes not support background playback
DManagerPop-up Ads
Files App (Former name: Downloads Lite)Monthly fees for unlimited downloads

Of the top 5 IDM for iOS, our favorite is iDownloader. Although some users reported experiencing bug issues, overall, it gets the job done fast. 

iOS is a high-maintenance software compared to Android, so make sure you install an iOS download manager that is 99% compatible with your device. Some mobile download manager apps might be compatible with Apple operating systems but operate differently on different devices.  

IDM for Android Guide FAQ

Is IDM Available for Android?

No. IDM is only available for Windows operating systems, but there are many IDM alternatives you can use as an Android download manager. We listed eight of them in the ”Top 8 IDM for Android” section. 

What Is the Best IDM for Android Phones?

Based on our experiences and reviewing users’ feedback, the best IDM for Android include FDM, 1DM+, and Turbo Download Manager.

What Is Similar to IDM for Android Phones?

Turbo Download Manager is the best alternative to IDM for Android phones. We have listed eight Android download manager apps in the ”Top 8 IDM for Android” section; check it out if you are looking for more options.  

Which Downloader Is the Best for iOS?

iDownloader and fGet are the frontrunners in the best IDM for iOS competition. However, if you need a download scheduler, you should go with iDownloader.

Can I Use IDM on Mobile?

The current version of IDM is only compatible with Windows operating systems, but the company has declared that there might be Android/iOS versions of IDM in the future.  

Introduction to Internet Download Manager Scheduler and Its Features That Allow You to Control the Downloading Process Without Manual Instructions

Internet Download Manager Scheduler: Download Fast, Download Smart!

Internet Download Manager Scheduler Feature

People are always talking about managing time, but is that really possible?

We all get 24 hours each day regardless of where we are and what we’re doing. So the better or more accurate saying should be managing activities. 

Because when we can manage our activities, we can utilize time to our advantage.

Now that we are all on the same page, here’s a question for you:

How can you manage activities?


You need to use the right tools.

In this article, we want to talk about how you can manage your downloads and incorporate them into your schedule instead of letting them consume your most precious possession, i.e., your time. 

Managing Your Downloads Is a Super Easy Task by Installing and Using the Appropriate Tool
Credit: Unsplash

What Is the Internet Download Manager Scheduler?

Internet Download Manager scheduler allows you to schedule download queues so that you can control the downloading process without manual instructions. In a way, the Internet Download Manager scheduler is like an invisible download assistant, the Siri in the download world, if you will. 

What Is IDM Download Queue? 

An IDM download queue is like the Internet Download Manager scheduler operating room. Every file you want to schedule for downloading is sent to this operating room, and you are the operator. You are in charge of setting a start and stop time for each download. 

Each IDM download queue has a synchronization queue that makes sure you download updated files from the server. Sometimes, servers upload new files making the old ones obsolete, so the synchronization queue checks the files and updates them in the download queue if necessary. 

In addition to the main download queue, you can add new queues, which will be automatically linked to their synchronization queues. 

Download queues have different icons, so you can categorize your downloads and make adjustments if needed. 

Different Download Queues Icons
Credit: Internet Download Manager

The three yellow files icon belongs to the main IDM download queue. 

The three green files icon belongs to the main synchronization queue.

The two yellow files icon belongs to any additional IDM download queue. 

The two green files icon belongs to any additional synchronization queue. 

(Scheduled queues have a clock sign on their icon.)

How To Use Internet Download Manager Scheduler?

When you open the Internet Download Manager scheduler, you will see a main download queue window, IDM’s default download queue. 

Main Download Queue Window of Internet Download Manager
Credit: Internet Download Manager

You can tweak the download settings any way you want. 

Also, the Internet Download Manager scheduler allows you to simultaneously choose the number of files you want to download in an IDM download queue. See below.

You can add files to an IDM download queue by clicking on the Download Later button when the download dialog pops up.

Benefits of Internet Download Manager Scheduler

Any tool that can automate tasks is a must if we want to manage our daily activities best and eliminate time-consuming processes. 

Downloading a few files might not seem time-consuming, but if you add up the time you spend every week downloading, the amount will definitely shock you. However, in addition to time-saving, the Internet Download Manager scheduler also provides other benefits. 

Smart Hours Downloading

Have you ever noticed that your download speed skyrockets at specific hours of the day?

Depending on your timezone, some hours of the day are traffic hours. Everyone is awake, and they are all hogging the network bandwidth. No wonder you can’t get a simple picture to load, let alone a YouTube video.

But now you know there’s a way to use this so-called Rush Hour to your advantage. You can log your Internet speed from Monday to Friday at different hours and see when it hits that all-time high. Then you can use the Internet Download Manager scheduler to schedule download queues at those times. 

You can sleep while IDM takes care of all your downloads without running into speed problems. 

Gamers Savers

Gamers Can Easily Manage and Schedule Their Downloads by Installing and Using IDM on Their PCs
Image Source: Pexels.Com

Gaming is all you do, but what can you do when your download speed hits the red light? 

It’s 3 a.m., and you can’t even keep your eyes open with toothpicks (Remember Tom’s eyes in Tom & Jerry?), but you are still in the middle of downloading a huge file? 

IDM download queue can save you.

Just open the Internet Download Manager scheduler and set the start and stop time for your download. 

Done. Ditch the toothpicks and get some shut-eye. 

No-Miss Pauses

Don’t you hate when you hit pause on a download, thinking the resume button will pick it up where it left off, just to find out the resume button is just a button, and you have to download the file from the start?

Internet Download Manager feels your pain, and that’s why it has solved this problem by incorporating the IDM download queue feature with the pause option. 

Whenever you need to hit pause on a download, you can add that file to a download queue, set a start/stop time for it, and be on your way. 

IDM finishes what it starts, and you can rest assured that it doesn’t waste the downloaded parts. Every pause is a real pause in IDM; no download failure and no starting from square one. 

Internet Download Manager Scheduler FAQ

Why Should You Use IDM Queues?

An IDM queue allows you to:
Schedule downloads and not have to hit the download button manually 
Download files while you’re asleep without fearing download failures
Schedule downloads at download-friendly hours 
And more. 

How to Set Download Queue in Internet Download Manager?

If you want to send a file to an IDM download queue, press the Download Later button when the download dialog pops up. You can add files to the main download queue or a new one you created.


How to Start a Download at a Certain Time in IDM?

Open the Internet Download Manager scheduler, add your files to an IDM download queue, and select a start and stop time for your downloads. You can schedule download queues daily or at a certain time on a specified date. 

Does IDM Increase Download Speed?

Yes. IDM can connect to a server from different entry points, download different parts of one file simultaneously and then patch up all the parts together to deliver a whole file in the end. This process improves download speed by 5 times; however, IDM does not increase your Internet speed. 

What Can I Do About Failed Downloads in IDM?

If you use the Internet Download Manager scheduler, you can set retry attempts for when a download fails. Check out the “How To Use Internet Download Manager Scheduler?” section for more information. 

Ultimate Guide to Integrate Internet Download Manager with Chrome and Other Browsers

How to Integrate Internet Download Manager With Popular Web Browsers? Step-By-Step Guide

There’s an endless amount of information online, and if we want to access it, we better have the right tools. Without the right search tools, the online world would seem like a maze, and we wouldn’t even know which end is up. 

Think of web browsers as the main access doors in this online maze of information. Now, it isn’t enough to just find the doors of information; you need to prepare yourself for facing unexpected obstacles. 

Web Browsers Are the Access Doors to the Online World and Users Should be Prepared for Facing Unexpected Obstacles

Let’s go over another example. 

Think about an Escape Room. All the clues are in the room, but because of so many distractions (which might even be harmful and dangerous), you can’t see any of them clearly. And if you can’t concentrate on the clues (the information you NEED), you won’t be able to use them and will be stuck in that room forever. 

So what if you could use some manipulative tools that could shape the room’s clues into the most comprehensive and organized form? How great would it be if these tools could shield you from any unforeseen and dangerous distractions as well?

These helpful tools tailor the Escape Room experience based on your needs and preferences, so you can find what you need faster.

Can you guess the name of these customization tools in the online world? 

Some hints:

  • They can block pop-up ads and phishing attempts. (The dangerous distractions I mentioned).
  • They can help you download anything you need 5 times faster than other tools. 
  • They can take a full picture of any web page you want.

That’s right; we’re talking about Browser Extensions.

All web browsers are virtual doors that connect you with online data, and browser extensions make this whole process tailored to your preferences and needs. 

Web Browsers & Browser Extensions 

As we mentioned above, the online world is a maze of information that would be near impossible to access without web browsers. How so?

Do you remember the Triwizard Maze in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? 

Imagine we put you in that maze without any tools and ask you to find the Triwizard Cup. Do you agree that it would be an impossible task? (Harry and Cedric had their magic wands but still struggled to find the right way.)

The Triwizard Cup is the information you seek every time you get online, and the Triwizard Maze is the World Wide Web. Web browsers are your magic wands, interpreting your search orders and delivering the appropriate results. 

Browser extensions are the extra tools you can use to make your online experience as smooth and comprehensive as possible. 

(If you want to know my Harry Potter analogy for browser extensions, I’m gonna go with The Book of Spells. Because similar to spells, there are many browser extensions you can use, each with its own purpose. More on this in the last section.)

Browsers Extensions Help You Have a Smoother Online Experience and Make It as Comprehensive as Possible
Credit: Unsplash.Com

Popular Web Browsers & Their Features

Google Chrome

  • Supports integration with renowned antivirus software such as Bitdefender.
  • Runs on V8 JavaScript and the WebKit open-source rendering engine to load web pages faster.
  • ”Pick up right where you left off” option to reload open tabs faster. 
  • Built-in PDF viewer to print, resize, and download PDF files without installing third-party software.
  • Easy-to-use and secure GUI (Graphical User Interface) to navigate faster across web pages.
  • Optimized loading speed for web pages with heavy graphics.
  • Synchronization option to use Chrome on all your devices.
  • Popular web services such as Google Docs Offline, Zoom Scheduler, Dropbox, Pinterest, etc., are available in the Chrome Web Store.

Here’s a great source to find all the Chrome extensions you need: Top Chrome Extensions

Mozilla Firefox

  • Customizable and resource-friendly web browser. 
  • It has won PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award for Web browsers for Windows.
  • Supports integration with renowned antivirus software such as Kaspersky, AVG, and MalwareBytes Browser Guard. 
  • It offers a flexible and effective ”Do Not Track system.”
  • It supports Web Audio API, mouse-lock, and geolocation APIs.
  • The Search box and Address box are separated.
  • It offers a Full Bookmark and The History Button sidebar.
  • Encrypted and easy-to-setup sync method.


  • Fast built-in adblocker and VPN.
  • Best-suited for low-end PCs operating with a slow Internet connection.
  • It’s a closed-source browser that eliminates the possibility of performing independent audits.
  • More memory-friendly than Chrome and Firefox.
  • Opera Turbo mode offers faster Internet access over a slow network connection.
  • It supports Chrome extensions.
  • Beginner-friendly Graphical User Interface.
  • It supports internal integration with Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Spotify.


  • Windows 10’s Edge browser offers the highest JavaScript engine performance compared to Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera.
Comparison of JavaScript Engine Performance Between Different Web Browsers Common Among Users
Credit: PCMag
  • Windows 11’s Edge has a new customized design called Mica.
  • It offers InPrivate mode, which doesn’t save your browsing history, searches, or cookies.
  • It offers enhanced security for unfamiliar websites to protect your device from malicious attacks.
  • It offers three levels of protection: Basic, Balanced, and Strict.
  • Built-in Collections feature to organize web research.
  • The Collections feature supports APA 7, Chicago, Harvard, IEEE, or MLA formats.
  • It offers vertical tabs, tab groups, and pinned tabs.

Which Web Browser Is the Most Resource-Friendly? 

Most users are concerned about whether these powerful web browsers would drain their system’s battery. 

PCMag has done a battery rundown test, and we thought the results were worth mentioning in this article so you can choose the best web browser based on your device’s resources. 

The laptop used in this test was Acer Aspire E1-470P, and the circumstances were as follows:

  • Fully charged battery
  • A SoundCloud song playing in an endless loop
  • 10 media-heavy websites open in the browsers
  • Screen brightness at maximum

Here are the results of how long each browser lasted:

  • Chrome: 1 hour and 18 minutes
  • Firefox: 1 Hour and 55 minutes
  • Opera: 1 hour and 36 minutes
  • Edge: 1 hour and 32 minutes

Battery’s runtime without any browser running: 2 hours and 49 minutes

This is one test with one laptop, so it is not the most accurate way of comparing the resource-friendly factor of these browsers. Not to mention that each user runs different applications, programs, etc., so the best way to find out which browser drains your battery less is to test it yourself. 

Popular Web Browser Extensions & Their Use Cases

Browser Extensions Are Pretty Easy to Use and Don't Use Much System Resources
Image Source: Unsplash.Com

Almost every software or application has its own browser extension, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Browser extensions are so easy to install and use; they require no registration and technical setup, which makes them the perfect choice for non-tech individuals. 

Here’s a list of popular browser extensions:  

  • Internet Download Manager browser extension: For fast, secure, and uninterrupted downloading
  • Go Full Page: To take full screenshots of web pages.
  • Ginger: Real-time proofreading.
  • LastPass: To create a master password that gives you access to all of your other passwords.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop: For accessing other devices remotely. 
  • Click&Clean: For clearing cache, URLs, websites’ third-party cookies, and download history with one click.
  • Ghostery: For blocking pop-up ads and ad-tracking tools.
  • Grammarly: To check proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word use.
  • Everhour: For tracking online projects’ time, best suited for freelancers. 

Web browser extensions are great customization and productive tools for everyone, especially the Internet Download Manager browser extension. 

Downloading files, pictures, audio, videos, etc., can take up a lot of your time, and if your network connection gets interrupted, you might end up with corrupted downloads. If you want to download multiple files simultaneously and also be able to restore interrupted downloads, you need to integrate Internet Download Manager with your web browser. 

Before discussing the steps of Internet Download Manager integration, let’s talk about what integration actually means. 

What is Software Integration?

I said browser extensions are like the Book of Spells. 

Now, to use the Book of Spells, you’ll need two things: 1. Your wand. 2. The correct pronunciation of the spells.

Neither is any good to you without the other. 

If you know the right pronunciation of the spells, you can whip your wand and cast any spell at any time. So if you think about it, the correct pronunciation is the connecting link between knowing the spell and casting it. 

Internet Download Manager integration is the process of connecting IDM software with its browser extension. 

Important Note:

Here’s something you might not know about the Internet Download Manager browser extension:

The IDM extension is hidden on Google Store, and you cannot search for it either. So if you found an IDM extension on Google Store, it’s not the original extension. 

Now, let’s see how you can install and integrate Internet Download Manager with your web browser.

Internet Download Manager Integration with Popular Web Browsers

First, let’s review the popular web browsers and then go through the steps of how to integrate Internet Download Manager with each one. 

Popular Web Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.

Integrate Internet Download Manager With Google Chrome

Follow the steps below to complete Internet Download Manager Chrome integration:

  1. Download and install Internet Download Manager.
  2. Install IDM Integration Module.
  3. Launch Chrome and click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  4. Click on More Tools.
  5. Click on Extensions.
  6. Click on Details.
Adding IDM Extension Is the First Step to Integrate Internet Download Manager with Chrome
Credit: IDM
  1. Turn on the IDM Integration Module.
  2. In the Site Access section, select On All Sites.
  3. Enable Allow in Incognito.  
Enabling IDM Integration Module Allows You to Use Its Features on All Pages While Browsing the Web
Credit: IDM

Integrate Internet Download Manager with Firefox

  1. Install the latest version of IDM.
  2. After Firefox automatically restarts, it opens the IDM add-on window. Check the Allow this installation box.
Integrating Internet Download Manager with Firefox Enables Automatic Downloads on All Pages
Credit: IDM

If you didn’t see this window, you need to enable IDM integration manually:

Launch Firefox and click on the three-line icon (Tools), select Add-ons, and click on Enable.  

Firefox Menu to Access Add-ons and Other Useful Tools You Might Need to Use
Credit: IDM
Enabling and Disabling IDM Integration with Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser
Credit: IDM

Please note that Firefox is updated every six months, so if you have an old version of IDM integration called IDM CC, please remove it and enable the new IDM integration. (See picture below.)

Users Might Sometimes Need to Replace Newer Versions of Browser Extension with the Old Ones
Credit: IDM

Integrate Internet Download Manager with Opera Version +15 

  1. Run Internet Download Manager.
  2. Click on Options and then General.
  3. Check the Use advanced browser integration box.
  4. In the Capture download from the following browsers section, check the Opera box.
IDM Menu for Activating and Disabling Integration with Popular Web Browsers
Credit: IDM
  1. Launch Opera and click on Extensions.
  2. Check the “Allow in private mode” box so you can use IDM in incognito mode.

Credit: IDM

Integrate Internet Download Manager with Edge

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge and click on the three-dots icon in the top right corner. 
  2. Click on Extensions.
  3. Enable IDM Integration Module
Internet Download Manager Can Be Easily Integrated with Edge for Those Who Prefer This Browser

Credit: IDM

Note: If you don’t see the IDM Integration Module, you can download it from the Chrome Web Store, then click on Get, and Add extension

Adding IDM as an Extension to Microsoft Edge

Credit: IDM

Wrap Up

Entering the online maze of information is inevitable; we all need to access online information at some point in our days. You just need to know which entry door, i.e., web browser, is the best and fastest choice based on your system’s resources. 

After you pick the right door and enter the maze, the best way to find what you are looking for is to use customization tools, i.e., browser extensions. Browser extensions exist to help you calm through the online world easily, safely, and as fast as possible. 

Remember I said browser extensions are like the Book of Spells? Well, the Book of Spells in Harry Potter had a limited number of spells, and unless you were a genius wizard like Dumbledore, you couldn’t create any new spells and add it to your book.   

But with browser extensions, the brilliant wizards of the tech world – expert developers – are constantly creating new ones for your convenience. 

So it’s like you have a Book of Spells that gets updated and improved indefinitely. 

Pretty cool, right?

Internet Download Manager Integration FAQ

Can I Use the IDM Extension Without Implementing Internet Download Manager Chrome Integration?

No. If you want to use the Internet Download Manager browser extension on Chrome, then you need to complete the IDM integration process. Please refer to the ”Integrate Internet Download Manager with Chrome” section. 

Why Use the Internet Download Manager Browser Extension?

The IDM browser extension enables you to download any file while searching the web. Otherwise, you’d have to copy and paste the download link on IDM software or look for a Download button. 

Do All Web Browsers Support Internet Download Manager Integration?

Top web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari support the Internet Download Manager browser extension.