Review the Top 10 Internet Download Manager Benefits for All Users

Internet Download Manager Benefits: Have 100% Control over Downloads

How much downloading do you do daily? 

Are you a graphic designer who needs to download +50 photos every day? 

Are you a full-time gamer who downloads large game files regularly? 

Or maybe you are a Netflix or Hulu binge-watcher who downloads and streams on the clock?

There are many more examples where download speed is concerned. 

If you have decent internet speed but still struggle with downloading files quickly, you might want to take a look at how you download these files.

Do you use a download manager software, or are you still using web downloading, which constantly freezes or, worse, delivers corrupted files? 

Using a Download Manager Software Has So Many Advantages Over Web Downloading
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If you can’t be bothered to install an excellent download manager that increases your download speed up to five times, you are missing out on so much. I know what you’re thinking; how much will this top-of-the-market download manager cost? 

To ease your mind, one of the benefits of Internet Download Manager benefits is that it’s super affordable, considering its advanced download tools. 

Stay tuned as we go through other Internet Download Manager benefits and tell you where you can purchase its license at the lowest price. 

10 Internet Download Manager Benefits

To understand Internet Download Manager benefits, first, we need to discuss IDM features. 

Internet Download Manager is only available for Windows, but that’s not a flaw; it’s a unique selling point. 

Let’s use a Harry Potter analogy to make this clearer.

Do you remember Ollivanders, the mysterious shop that sold magical wands? 

Every wand in Ollivanders was perfectly crafted for specific wizards, and the wand would choose the wizard, not the other way around. 

Now let’s relate this to Internet Download Manager and Windows. IDM features make it the perfect wand_the download wand if you will_ for Windows; this is what makes IDM unique. 

That said, let’s dive into IDM features.

1. Built-in Scheduler 

I am a big movie/series fan, but I always struggled with downloading files quickly, especially at peak hours. I could stay up late or get up early to download my favorite films, but then my sleep schedule would be totally out of whack, and I wouldn’t have energy for the rest of the day. 

The Scheduler Feature of Internet Download Manager Allows You to Manager Time Better for Downloads
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So I was super excited when I found out that one of IDM features is its awesome scheduler that allows you to prioritize downloads around your schedule. You can set download queues which all have synchronization tools to make sure you download updated files. 

In the upcoming section, we talk about how IDM’s download queues pair with its other amazing feature, the pause/resume.  

If you want to know more about this great feature, our Internet Download Manager scheduler article tells you everything about it.

2. Pause/Resume

Do you have a hectic job where you’re always running from one office or floor to the other? You might be in the middle of downloading something important when your boss calls you up to their office. 

The pause/resume button, one of IDM features, comes to your rescue. 

Many download managers claim they offer a pause/resume feature, but in reality, the resume button doesn’t work. So you’ll end up downloading your file from scratch, which is both time-consuming and a waste of your network bandwidth. 

Remember the previous feature of IDM? 

Hitting the pause/resume button is great and gives you control over your downloads. But sometimes, you might not be back in time to hit that resume button, and all your important files are now pending download. 

Not having enough time to complete our tasks is a classic excuse, that’s right, just an excuse, even if you’re crazy busy and are jumping from one meeting to the other. One of Internet Download Manager benefits is that it allows you to transfer all your paused download files to a download queue and set a start/stop time for all of them. 

This amazing feature makes IDM the ideal download assistant. 

3. Faster Downloads

Dynamic file segmentation technology is one of the major Internet Download Manager benefits. Most download managers only divide files into segments before the download starts, but IDM does this repeatedly throughout the downloading process. This way, whenever a new connection to a server is available, IDM latches on to that server point in real time to minimize downloading time. By continually assigning segments to different connections, IDM comes through on its promise of 5 times faster download speed. 

IDM is truly the best download speed accelerator. 

4. User-friendly & Customizable Interface

IDM Comes with an Easy-to-Use Interface That Makes Everything Simple for All Users
Image Source: Unsplash.Com

One of IDM advantages is its simple and easy-to-use interface that even a 5-year-old can figure out. All the icons and menus are straightforward, and you can even design your favorite theme. You can choose the IDM window’s order, buttons, and columns however you like. The customization options show that the IDM developers care about users’ convenience as well as their time. 

Windows is the most user-friendly operating system, and IDM features and its interface make it the most user-friendly download manager_ a perfect pair. 

5. Download Multiple Files Simultaneously 

Clicking on the download button for each file is tedious and time-consuming. If you need to download several files at once, you can add them to a download queue, and IDM takes care of the rest. 

IDM features are all about making it a fast and responsive download manager, which is why you can drag and drop your files in different download queues without pushing any extra keys.

6. Stable Download Experience

I always thought the resume button in web browsers worked, but as you probably know, they don’t. If you lose your internet connection or experience a power outage, you can kiss the files in your web browser goodbye. Not only did you lose a chunk of your internet plan, but you also lost a lot of time. 

One of IDM advantages that makes it the perfect alternative to web downloading is its reliability. Forget about power outages and network problems; even if your system reboots unexpectedly, your downloads will remain safe and sound. 

7. Integration with Browsers

We get it. You might be on your browsers a lot during your day and don’t want to keep going back to IDM to download files quickly. The good news is that you don’t have to. You can integrate IDM with major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. 

Check out “How to Integrate Internet Download Manager With Popular Web Browsers?” for more information. 

8. Virus Scanning

The Built-In Virus Scanning Feature Is One of the Useful Internet Download Manager Features That Ensures You of Safe Downloading
Image Source: Pixabay.Com

Are you worried about nifty viruses roaming around your download files? IDM features strike again. IDM checks all files for viruses and other threats simultaneously, so even if you have 20 files in your IDM download queue, you can rest assured that none harbor malicious threats that can damage your device or corrupt your data. 

It looks like an invisible antivirus just made it to the Internet Download Manager benefits list. 

9. Proxy Server Support

For those who don’t know, a proxy server is like an intermediary between you and the Internet. So when you request data, the proxy server receives it and forwards it to a main server. The benefit of using a proxy server while downloading is that it will not expose your IP.  As a result, you will be shielded from various cyber threats such as DDoS attacks. 

Can you guess the next item on the Internet Download Manager benefits list? That’s right, proxy server support. Click here to learn how to set proxy servers in IDM.

10. Affordable Price 

With all this talk about IDM advantages, I bet you are wondering whether or not the price is affordable, and the answer is yes. 

First, you must understand that IDM is not just a download manager; it is the perfect download assistant powered by a download speed accelerator.

IDM offers anything you require from a download manager. So in your opinion, how much should this type of software cost? 

Purchasing a Lifetime or Yearly License of IDM Costs You an Affordable Price Compared to Many Other Software Solutions
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We offer IDM’s license plans at a very low price because we want you to enjoy fast downloading and never get stuck with corrupted files:

(Let’s be honest, you pay way more than $10 for your Starbucks or McDonald’s.)

Internet Download Manager FAQ

Why should you install an internet download manager?

An internet download manager enables you to organize and control your downloads. Browser downloading is OK, but there isn’t any customization like pause/resume, scheduling, simultaneous downloading, etc. The most important benefit of an internet download manager is the boost in download speed. One of the main IDM advantages is that it speeds up downloading by 5 times. 

Can you use IDM with all web browsers?

One of the best Internet Download Manager benefits is that it integrates with popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, AOL, MSN, and Maxthon.

Is Internet Download Manager free to use before purchase?

IDM has a free 30 days trial which allows you to test its advanced download tools, such as the resume/pause feature, built-in scheduler, IDM integration module, dynamic file segmentation technology, and more. After the free trial period, you can purchase IDM’s lifetime license at a budget-friendly price here.

Can you use the IDM license on more than one device?

No. Each IDM license is valid per device, but you can use IDM on multiple operating systems running on the same device. You can also integrate IDM with all your browsers for fast and uninterrupted downloads. Click here to check out IDM’s two popular license plans at a significantly lower market price.

Is IDM easy to use?

Absolutely. IDM features and the overall interface make it one of the most user-friendly download managers on the market. IDM has a simple look and doesn’t confuse users with lots of unnecessary effects or elements.

Does Internet Download Manager increase download speed?

Yes. One of IDM advantages is that it uses a download speed accelerator tool to increase download speed up to 5 times. Most IDM features are about optimizing download speed such as download queues, a download scheduler, etc.

Using the Best Download Manager Tool to Accelerate Downloads for the Fastest Speed

Is Supersonic Downloading Real? With the Best Download Manager, 100%!

What Features Are Must Have for the Best Download Manager?

Suppose you want to take a trip to Paris for the Christmas holidays. As your flight manager, I will give you two options:

  1. To fly in a top-level four-engine jet powered by an AI that allows you to pause the jet mid-air as long as you want and then resume the path at any time. Let’s call this jet Supersonic Jet. (Supersonic Jet runs on a diamond battery that lasts for thousands of years, so even your great great grandchildren can use it to fly anywhere in the world 5 times faster than any other airplane. Also, Supersonic Jet has a button that changes the color theme of the cabin and schedules night-time routines.)
  2. To fly in a slow ordinary airplane that offers no customization features at all. (This airplane only has one power source and will get you to your destination 5 times slower than the Supersonic Jet.)

Before you start worrying about the price of option 1, let me reassure you that it is a one-time cost and super affordable.

So, if you’re royalty at heart like I am, you are not even considering option 2.

Why pass on a chance to experience royal and fast flying for the rest of your life? Life is too short to spend the time you don’t have flying around in a ridiculously slow and ancient airplane.

Excellent. We are now on the same page.

Now, onto the topic of this article, using the best download manager is like choosing option 1 – a super fast and reliable option with a one-time fee – for downloading anything.

Let’s dive in to make everything crystal clear.

A Super Fast and Reliable Internet Download Manager Should Have 3 Most Important Feature: Speed, Resume, Customization
Image Source:

3 Essential Features of the Best Download Manager

The best download manager is software that trumps browser downloading in three critical categories:

  1. Speed
  2. Resume Capability
  3. Customization

(The Supersonic Jet has all three features.)

1.    Speed

The first reason download managers have become so popular is that they boost downloading speed by a huge degree. With browser downloading, you are downloading your file by accessing a server from a single point or address.

On the other hand, the best download manager sets up multiple access points to a server to speed up the downloading process. For example, Internet Download Manager (IDM), the front runner in the top download manager contest, divides your chosen file into several parts, then sends data requests to the server for each part. All parts will start downloading data simultaneously, and then IDM patches these parts and delivers one whole file.

You might ask, how does IDM affect downloading speed?

IDM does not affect your Internet speed but implements a downloading technique that allows users to download files faster. Here’s how it works:

Server owners limit their bandwidth per download request so more users can access their servers at the same time. If users exceed this limit, the connection becomes slow and usually gets interrupted several times. Web browser downloading is slow because of this exact reason; you want to access a server to download an over-the-bandwidth-limit file, and the server cuts you off.

Since IDM connects to the server from multiple points, it’s as if multiple users are requesting data, which is what server owners want, so Access Granted. Now you have IDM to thank for supersonic download speed.

2.    Resume Capability

Any app feature that can make our lives easier is worth the cost. The resume feature in download managers is one of these life-smoother features. Sometimes at work, you might experience network downtime, especially if the company servers are being updated. Now, you are in a hurry and need to download multiple files but are afraid of network interruptions.

Network Interruptions and Downtimes Happen All the Time, but Internet Download Manager Is Designed to Handle Any of These Unforeseen Situations.
Image Source:

Like IDM, the best download manager should have a resume feature that eases all of these fears. No files will be lost whether there are network interruptions or you need to pause downloading manually.

Network interruptions and downtimes happen all the time, but a reliable download manager is designed to handle any of these unforeseen situations.

IDM takes the resume feature to the next level, repairing any damage caused by network interruptions. If you use your web browser for downloading and your connection gets interrupted, you will usually end up with a corrupted or fragmented file. But with IDM, you get the top download manager that boosts downloading speed by 5 times and also has all the repairing tools for mending interrupted downloads.

3.    Customization

No download manager software offers customization features like IDM.

Think of it like this. The online world is a big white canvas; the apps are the color pallets on this canvas. Would you want to look at a white canvas filled with neutral or soulless colors all day long?

What makes popular apps like Instagram or TikTok so addictive that people cannot be unplugged from them? They know how to paint the canvas.

Software is the same.

Why should anyone use an app that doesn’t give users customization features like button shapes/colors, themes, column order, size, etc.? We are not talking about 50 features that would only cause confusion; we are talking about giving users customization options so they can feel like they are in control.

(By the way, IDM offers all the mentioned features, and that’s one of the reasons it has become the top download manager among users worldwide.)

IDM & the Competition for the Top Download Manager Title; Which Software Wins?

We mentioned IDM several times in this article because the software is more than just a download manager. The IDM team knows what users need and expect from a download manager app and delivers them. Internet Download Manager is just like the Supersonic Jet we discussed in the introduction; exclusive, fast, and 100% reliable.

However, as good as IDM is, some argue it’s not the only game in town.

Download Accelerator Plus, Internet Download Accelerator, and EagleGet are IDM’s competitors. But when it comes to the best download manager for Windows, IDM wins every time. (Our Windows users can share their thoughts on this matter in the comment section.)

IDM Wins the Competition for the Top Download Manager and Accelerator Solution

So let’s compare the best download manager, IDM, with its rivals to settle the debates once and for all.

Download Accelerator Plus Features

  • Automatic video conversions into MP3 files
  • Offers Multi Antivirus Security
  • Supports downloads from YouTube, Metacafe, and Dailymotion
  • “Speedbit’s acceleration engine” to increase downloading speed
  • Link Checker to identify broken or corrupted download links
  • Supports multi-file downloads (Premium)
  • Trace Cleaner
  • DAPsters add-on to skip searching for the download button

Internet Download Accelerator Features

  • Detects downloadable links automatically
  • Works across multiple browsers
  • Supports download groups
  • Downloads files to different destination folders
  • Supports basic or advanced download session schedules
  • Supports downloads from YouTube, Metacafe
  • Automatic category detection feature to manage downloads
  • Active Visual Cart technology for faster app navigation

EagleGet Features

  • Automated malware checker
  • Downloads multiple files simultaneously
  • The app has two versions: Portable and Full
  • Offers theme customization features such as saturation, colors, and contrast
  • Updates expired URLs automatically
  • Silent Mode to turn off download notifications
  • Supports multiple download queues
  • Allows users to set speed limits for specific downloads

We can’t close the “compare the best download manager” section without a comparison table.

Download ManagerSupported ProtocolsDynamic SegmentationPause/Resume FeatureSupported OSBrowser IntegrationPrice Range
IDMHTTP, FTP, HTTPS, MMSWindowsMicrosoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, MSN Explorer, AOL, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, Maxthon+$8
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)FTP, HTTPWindows, macOSInternet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape, Safari and Flock+$24.95
Internet Download Accelerator (IDA)FTP, HTTP, HTTPSWindowsInternet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla, Opera, VivaldiFree (Internet Download Accelerator PRO: +$7.50)
EagleGetHTTPS, FTP, RTSP, HTTP, MMSWindowsGoogle Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla FirefoxFree

Although all of the download managers in this table support Google Chrome, the integration process is another issue. So far, the best download manager for Chrome in regards to automatic and easy integration is IDM.


The Supersonic Jet is an exclusive, or rather royalty, choice of an airplane.

What is your first thought when you hear the word “Royalty?”

I think of a beautiful, exquisite mansion in Great Britain, and I know that if there was a lifetime entrance ticket to this dreamy mansion, I would gladly pay for it.

So why not think about premium apps like IDM in this way?

Instead of complaining about license fees, think about all the exclusive features you get to use. And remember, one-of-a-kind products are never cheap.

Here’s a helpful tip for when “too expensive” debates start unraveling in your mind:

How much would I charge if this was my own product?

The Best Download Manager FAQ

Is IDM the Best Download Manager?

IDM is the best download manager for Windows. Unfortunately, the latest version of IDM is not supported on Linux and macOS. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the best alternative to IDM for macOS users.
Here’s a great source to find the best download manager for Linux:
The 8 Best Linux Download Managers for Faster Downloads

What Is the Best Download Manager for Chrome?

Chrome has become one of the most popular web browsers. So naturally, it would pair excellently with the most popular download manager, IDM.

Why Should You Use a Download Manager?

A download manager gives you everything web browsers’ download tool does not; speed, customization, resume feature, download schedules, etc. Download managers are designed to accelerate downloading speed through ingenious methods. Please refer to the “Speed” section above for more information.

How Much Speed Acceleration to Expect from a Download Manager?

The top download manager, Internet Download Manager, accelerates downloading speed up to five times. IDM utilizes network bandwidth in the most productive way by creating multiple access points to a server. These access points allow IDM to download files faster by dividing them into several parts.

Do Download Manager Products Slow Down PC Performance?

It depends on your PC’s resources. For example, if you have an old PC running on 2 GB of RAM and an outdated CPU, even the lightest download manager can cause poor PC performance. (IDM divides a file into several parts and needs to merge them in the end, requiring high amounts of RAM. So, EagleGet is a better option for low-end PCs.)

Where to Buy an Internet Download Manager License?

Where it is offered at the most affordable prices, our website!
Life-time license of Internet Download Manager: $15
One-year license of Internet Download Manager: $8

Internet Download Manager Crack Will Leads Your System to High Vulnerability Against Malwares and Other Cyber Threats.

Internet Download Manager Crack: Should You Use It?

Internet Download Manager Crack Guide and Details

Everyone loves original stuff, whether it’s a shoe, a purse, a painting, a car, etc. So why would someone choose a fake version of what he wants over its original version? Well, the obvious answer would be “to save a few bucks.” 

But are you really saving money or losing money?

Imagine this: you just rented a 1-bedroom apartment in New York City overlooking Central Park. Now, you obviously paid a great deal of money for your apartment, so you must invest in the best door lock to ward off potential burglars. What happens if you choose a below-average lock because you think the neighborhood and the building are safe enough? You are basically leaving the door open for anyone to break in.

The apartment in New York City is your expensive PC, and the flimsy lock is the Internet Download Manager crack. How so? 

Stay tuned as we elaborate and cover the downsides of using Internet Download Manager crack instead of purchasing its reasonably priced license

What Is the Internet Download Manager Software?

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads.
Image Source: FreePik

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is software that allows you to download any type of file at the fastest speed. IDM is like a download accelerator tool, making it super fast and easy for users to download multiple files securely. 

Mac or Linux users are left out for this one because IDM is only available for Windows operating systems. 

(How’s Apple looking now? Just kidding. We love Apple products.)

What is Internet Download Manager Used for?

Downloading files sounds like a straightforward task, but in reality, users might run into some problems, such as network issues, power outages, etc. If anything interrupts the process of downloading a file, that file will usually become corrupted or, in other words, useless.

So, what’s the solution? Internet Download Manager (IDM).

IDM is an amazing feature-rich software that can download multiple files simultaneously, and also restore interrupted downloads. Unlike the download function in web browsers, the Internet Download Manager creates multiple connections to the server, so your chosen file downloads much faster. 

Although IDM connects to the server from several links to download files, the server thinks several users are downloading files, not one. However, according to, some organizations – those that operate with limited servers – set up detection tools to restrict IDM from generating additional connections.

IDM Can Use Full Bandwidth and Has Recovery and Resume Capabilities to Restore the Interrupted Downloads
Image Source: Shutterstock

Internet Download Manager Features: 

Built-in Scheduler: To create and schedule customized download sessions

Download Resume: To restart unfinished downloads from the place they got interrupted (No full restart)

Smart Dynamic Segmentation: To find the largest segment to download based on available connections (Optimizes and accelerates download speed and performance by up to 5 times) 

One-click Download: To make downloading as easy as possible without any extra steps (Beginner-friendly software)

Browser Extension: To download files from websites easily

Customizable Interface: To create your own toolbar skins

Browser Support: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

Why did we talk about IDM crack as the weakest lock you could install on your expensive New York apartment door? 

Because every file you download can contain malware or virus that could harm your device – your apartment –, and IDM crack – the flimsy lock – is the gateway for these types of infected files. More on this later.

How to Register for the Internet Download Manager?

The first thing you need to do is purchase an Internet Download Manager license. 

Some of you might say, why buy something when there is a free version of it, i.e., the IDM crack? 

In the following sections, you’ll get unsettling answers to this question. But for now, let’s discuss how you can get started with the Internet Download Manager. 

Download IDM from this link: Download IDM.

Now, to purchase a lifetime or yearly Internet Download Manager license, click on the link below:

After you purchase IDM’s license, you’ll get an email containing your Serial Number. Follow the steps below to register IDM:

  1. Run Internet Download Manager
  2. Copy and paste your Serial Number in the field shown below
Activating Internet Download Manager Software
Image Source: internetdownloadmanager
  1. Select Help from the menu bar and click on About. You should see the picture below that confirms you have installed the Full version of IDM. Check the name of the license owner and make sure it matches your name. 
Check If Name of License Owner Matches Your Information.
Image Source: internetdownloadmanager

Note: If the Registration button is not active after finishing these steps (like the picture above), that means you have successfully registered for IDM.

What Is the Internet Download Manager Crack?

Internet Download Manager crack is like the knockoff version of a genuine product. 

Internet Download Manager crack is created by third-party developers. They basically modify the coding of the IDM software and make adjustments so that unpaid users can use it. 

It all sounds well and good, right? 

Well, it’s not.

Programmers who create IDM crack might also put malicious malware in the coding. Therefore, the minute you run the cracked version of IDM, your device gets infected. 

Remember we talked about the potentiality of losing money when buying a fake product at the beginning of this article? 

If dangerous malware infects your device through an IDM crack, not only your critical data might get corrupted, but your whole system will be at risk. And if you face permenant damage for your system, you’ll end up paying at least $700 for a new laptop. ($700 is 46 times more than $15; the price of the lifetime Internet Download Manager License.)

Internet Download Manager Crack Pitfalls

Many developers are harmless programmers who do what they do out of sheer passion, but some of them have bad intentions; born hackers. 

The IDM crack you run on your system might have been developed by a dangerous hacker. So if you are a non-tech person, like most people, you won’t notice system infections until it is too late. 

But that’s not all. IDM crack comes with other juicy threats; here are some of them:

  • The websites that offer Internet Download Manager crack might contain adware and other types of online threats. Also, since these websites are not legitimate, they don’t offer any kind of support. Red Flag!
  • Developers release Internet Download Manager updates every once in a while to keep the software safe and at peak performance, but IDM crack does not have access to these updates.
  • By using Internet Download Manager crack, the IDM software will crash quite often because it is an altered version of its genuine version.

Do you need any more reasons not to use IDM crack?

We hope not. 

License for Internet Download Manager: Why Should You Buy It?

Internet Download Manager license allows you to register for IDM and start downloading files 5 times faster than your web browser would. Now, if you choose not to register for IDM, you can take advantage of the 30-day trial period. But after this period is over, your access will be revoked.  

You can choose a lifetime or yearly Internet Download Manager License and enjoy fast downloading without worrying about malware that accompanies IDM crack.  

Here’s the bottom line:

If you want your data and system to be at risk, use Internet Download Manager crack, but if you want to use a genuine product that already has built-in safety protocols, spend a few bucks on an Internet Download Manager license.

Internet Download Manager Crack FAQ

Is Internet Download Manager Worth Buying?

It depends on your specific needs. Low downloading speed is frustrating, especially, when you are at a deadline. If you download audio or video files frequently or need to install different software for your work from time to time, then yes, purchasing the Internet Download Manager license is absolutely worth it. 

Also, if you need to step out of the house or go to bed early, you can schedule downloads and enable instructions in IDM to shut down your system after downloading is finished. 
Thanks to IDM, no more corrupted files due to connection interruptions and manual downloads that take up so much of your valuable time.

Is Internet Download Manager Fast?

Yes. However, according to, the downloading speed depends on your connection speed, but what’s great about IDM is that it fully utilizes your network bandwidth, so the downloading speed is at its highest. (Keep in mind that IDM is a downloading software, and optimizing your Internet connection speed is not its job.)

Is Internet Download Manager Crack Fake Software?

In a manner of speaking, yes. 
Here’s how you can justify it for yourself. Imagine that you developed software that can enhance human vision by 5 times. Let’s call your brilliant software Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye is a genuine program specifically designed to enhance photoreceptors’– special cells in the eye – speed and performance. 
Eagle Eye software is coded into a chip that attaches to your brain, and without the original license key, the product will not work properly and can even damage your eyesight.
Now, some wannabe hears about your software and creates a replica that doesn’t require any license to function. Let’s call this software Eagle Eye Crack. 

How Much Does Internet Download Manager Cost?

You can download IDM for free, but the Internet Download Manager license has different rates. We don’t want to brag, but our rates are quite competitive: 
Internet Download Manager License- Lifetime Access: $18
Internet Download Manager License- Yearly Access: $10
Look at IDM’s license as an investment because, in the long run, you definitely will benefit from using an original product.

Which Version of the Software Would You Choose and Why?

If you’re a rational human being, you would pick Eagle Eye and won’t go within a 5-mile radius of Eagle Eye Crack. Why? 
Because Eagle Eye is the real deal and absolutely safe, and Eagle Eye Crack is fake and potentially harmful. 

Internet Download Manager Software Review and Its Features for the Best Download Management

Internet Download Manager: All You Need To Know About It 

What Is Internet Download Manager Used for?

You Can Use Internet Download Manager to Manage and Organize All Your Downloads in the Easiest Way
Image Source:

So you’ve heard about the Internet Download Manager but you aren’t sure what it does, how it works, or if you really need it? Well, we can think of several reasons why you should be using Internet Download Manager (IDM). 

But before you read any further, consider how many downloads you have currently downloading on your computer. Now consider how long it takes for each download to complete. 

How often do you repeat this cycle per day, or even per week? How many of your downloads have been broken or interrupted?

Aren’t you tired of your downloads being interrupted by poor network connections, or when your computer suddenly shuts down? What about when the power goes out unexpectedly? But if you’re still not convinced of the advantages of using a download manager, then hang tight – you’ll need to keep reading.

Internet Download Manager at a Glimpse

IDM Was Introduced in 2001 and Has Long Been the Best Download Manager Tool for Users Around the World
Image Source: Pexels.Com

Being a product of the American company Tonec, Internet Download Manager was first introduced on June 2, 2001. It has proved to be an unrivaled product for download management over the years, winning multiple awards for its astonishing performance. 

To mention a few, ZDNet editors pick, CNET editors pick, FileHungry, and VolFTP Awards are among the top ones. 

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a downloadable tool that will improve your download speed by at least five times. Yes – you’ll be able to download files FIVE TIMES faster than before, hassle-free, and uninterrupted. 

So, what does this mean for you? 

Installing IDM means that you no longer need to worry about maintaining a stable network connection to complete your downloads. You also don’t have to worry about broken files or unscheduled power outages interrupting your downloads. 

With IDM you won’t even have to start over – you can resume downloading right from where you left off. 

Amazing Features for Download Management

IDM uses a special algorithm that processes internet data in the quickest way possible. It also increases the downloading speed using file segmentation technology. This is made possible by reusing available connections without you having to connect and log in. 

Over the last 20 years, we have had the most skilled engineers in the business working on improving this download engine. Now that’s impressive!

Full Integration with Browsers

IDM Integrates with All Popular Browsers Easily to Grab Links and Manage Downloads

Another impressive feature of the Internet Download Manager is that it supports many of the popular web browsers. For example, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, MSN, AOL, and Maxthon, among others. 

One of the advantages of using a download manager is that it even offers users the option to install an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. This makes IDM super easy to integrate into your everyday use. 

One of the many IDM benefits is being able to download files from your favorite websites after installing the IDM integration module of the browser extension. This will allow you to download files quickly and seamlessly from just about anywhere you prefer. What’s more, IDM will even categorize your downloads, so you don’t have to.

IDM Download Scheduler

An added IDM benefit is its built-in scheduler which allows you to connect to the internet and download files at a scheduled time. It then disconnects and shuts down your computer when the download is complete. 

The Download Scheduler Feature of IDM Is a Practical Benefit to Start and Finish Downloads at Specific Times

This not only saves you time thanks to the quick download speed, but it also saves electricity and battery power if you are using a laptop. The fact that you don’t have to physically be present to monitor your downloads is an added convenience. Plus you can even customize the IDM interface and choose where the columns and buttons go, and you can even add different skins to your toolbar. 

Internet Download Manager: The Best for Downloads

These are but a few of the many IDM benefits. The Internet Download Manager is so user-friendly and so easy to integrate into daily use. We are so confident about this program that you don’t even have to commit right away. 

If you need a little more time to get a feel for the program, then download your free trial right now. We are pretty sure that by the time your trial ends, you won’t want to live without it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About IDM

Is IDM Safe?

Internet Download Manager cannot alter or evade any security programs while saving or downloading files to your computer. Firewall and antivirus software grant full access to IDM when it comes to downloading and writing to disks during installation. 
Therefore, IDM is safe to use and supports many popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MSN, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and AOL. 
To put your mind even more at ease, the latest version of IDM is compatible with all versions of the following operating systems: Windows XP/NT/2000/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11. IDM is unfortunately not compatible with either Mac, Linux, or Unix operating systems. 

Do I Need a Download Manager?

If you are tired of waiting or your downloads to complete or fed up with poor connection or power outages interrupting your downloads, then IDM is definitely what you need. Internet Download Manager is necessary if convenience is what you are after. With five times faster download speeds and uninterrupted downloads, there is no debate about the necessity of IDM.

Can I Delete the Download Manager?

Internet Download Manager can be uninstalled after it has been downloaded and installed. To delete IDM on Windows XP, begin by selecting the ‘Start’ button, then select ‘Programs’, then select ‘Internet Download Manager and click ‘Uninstall IDM’. In order to delete IDM on Windows 7, select ‘Start’, then ‘All Programs’, then select ‘Internet Download Manager’ and click ‘Uninstall IDM’. To delete IDM from other operating systems you will have to refer to their documents for the relevant uninstallation guide.

Does the Internet Download Manager Increase the Download Speed?

With the Internet Download Manager users enjoy accelerated download speeds up to five times faster than usual. It happens thanks to special algorithms that are tailored to process internet data as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
IDM’s unique file segmentation technology allows files to be downloaded by reusing connections, without users having to reconnect or log in again. IDM also repairs broken and interrupted downloads, lessening the waiting time for your downloads to complete.