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How much downloading do you do daily? 

Are you a graphic designer who needs to download +50 photos every day? 

Are you a full-time gamer who downloads large game files regularly? 

Or maybe you are a Netflix or Hulu binge-watcher who downloads and streams on the clock?

There are many more examples where download speed is concerned. 

If you have decent internet speed but still struggle with downloading files quickly, you might want to take a look at how you download these files.

Do you use a download manager software, or are you still using web downloading, which constantly freezes or, worse, delivers corrupted files? 

Using a Download Manager Software Has So Many Advantages Over Web Downloading
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If you can’t be bothered to install an excellent download manager that increases your download speed up to five times, you are missing out on so much. I know what you’re thinking; how much will this top-of-the-market download manager cost? 

To ease your mind, one of the benefits of Internet Download Manager benefits is that it’s super affordable, considering its advanced download tools. 

Stay tuned as we go through other Internet Download Manager benefits and tell you where you can purchase its license at the lowest price. 

10 Internet Download Manager Benefits

To understand Internet Download Manager benefits, first, we need to discuss IDM features. 

Internet Download Manager is only available for Windows, but that’s not a flaw; it’s a unique selling point. 

Let’s use a Harry Potter analogy to make this clearer.

Do you remember Ollivanders, the mysterious shop that sold magical wands? 

Every wand in Ollivanders was perfectly crafted for specific wizards, and the wand would choose the wizard, not the other way around. 

Now let’s relate this to Internet Download Manager and Windows. IDM features make it the perfect wand_the download wand if you will_ for Windows; this is what makes IDM unique. 

That said, let’s dive into IDM features.

1. Built-in Scheduler 

I am a big movie/series fan, but I always struggled with downloading files quickly, especially at peak hours. I could stay up late or get up early to download my favorite films, but then my sleep schedule would be totally out of whack, and I wouldn’t have energy for the rest of the day. 

The Scheduler Feature of Internet Download Manager Allows You to Manager Time Better for Downloads
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So I was super excited when I found out that one of IDM features is its awesome scheduler that allows you to prioritize downloads around your schedule. You can set download queues which all have synchronization tools to make sure you download updated files. 

In the upcoming section, we talk about how IDM’s download queues pair with its other amazing feature, the pause/resume.  

If you want to know more about this great feature, our Internet Download Manager scheduler article tells you everything about it.

2. Pause/Resume

Do you have a hectic job where you’re always running from one office or floor to the other? You might be in the middle of downloading something important when your boss calls you up to their office. 

The pause/resume button, one of IDM features, comes to your rescue. 

Many download managers claim they offer a pause/resume feature, but in reality, the resume button doesn’t work. So you’ll end up downloading your file from scratch, which is both time-consuming and a waste of your network bandwidth. 

Remember the previous feature of IDM? 

Hitting the pause/resume button is great and gives you control over your downloads. But sometimes, you might not be back in time to hit that resume button, and all your important files are now pending download. 

Not having enough time to complete our tasks is a classic excuse, that’s right, just an excuse, even if you’re crazy busy and are jumping from one meeting to the other. One of Internet Download Manager benefits is that it allows you to transfer all your paused download files to a download queue and set a start/stop time for all of them. 

This amazing feature makes IDM the ideal download assistant. 

3. Faster Downloads

Dynamic file segmentation technology is one of the major Internet Download Manager benefits. Most download managers only divide files into segments before the download starts, but IDM does this repeatedly throughout the downloading process. This way, whenever a new connection to a server is available, IDM latches on to that server point in real time to minimize downloading time. By continually assigning segments to different connections, IDM comes through on its promise of 5 times faster download speed. 

IDM is truly the best download speed accelerator. 

4. User-friendly & Customizable Interface

IDM Comes with an Easy-to-Use Interface That Makes Everything Simple for All Users
Image Source: Unsplash.Com

One of IDM advantages is its simple and easy-to-use interface that even a 5-year-old can figure out. All the icons and menus are straightforward, and you can even design your favorite theme. You can choose the IDM window’s order, buttons, and columns however you like. The customization options show that the IDM developers care about users’ convenience as well as their time. 

Windows is the most user-friendly operating system, and IDM features and its interface make it the most user-friendly download manager_ a perfect pair. 

5. Download Multiple Files Simultaneously 

Clicking on the download button for each file is tedious and time-consuming. If you need to download several files at once, you can add them to a download queue, and IDM takes care of the rest. 

IDM features are all about making it a fast and responsive download manager, which is why you can drag and drop your files in different download queues without pushing any extra keys.

6. Stable Download Experience

I always thought the resume button in web browsers worked, but as you probably know, they don’t. If you lose your internet connection or experience a power outage, you can kiss the files in your web browser goodbye. Not only did you lose a chunk of your internet plan, but you also lost a lot of time. 

One of IDM advantages that makes it the perfect alternative to web downloading is its reliability. Forget about power outages and network problems; even if your system reboots unexpectedly, your downloads will remain safe and sound. 

7. Integration with Browsers

We get it. You might be on your browsers a lot during your day and don’t want to keep going back to IDM to download files quickly. The good news is that you don’t have to. You can integrate IDM with major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. 

Check out “How to Integrate Internet Download Manager With Popular Web Browsers?” for more information. 

8. Virus Scanning

The Built-In Virus Scanning Feature Is One of the Useful Internet Download Manager Features That Ensures You of Safe Downloading
Image Source: Pixabay.Com

Are you worried about nifty viruses roaming around your download files? IDM features strike again. IDM checks all files for viruses and other threats simultaneously, so even if you have 20 files in your IDM download queue, you can rest assured that none harbor malicious threats that can damage your device or corrupt your data. 

It looks like an invisible antivirus just made it to the Internet Download Manager benefits list. 

9. Proxy Server Support

For those who don’t know, a proxy server is like an intermediary between you and the Internet. So when you request data, the proxy server receives it and forwards it to a main server. The benefit of using a proxy server while downloading is that it will not expose your IP.  As a result, you will be shielded from various cyber threats such as DDoS attacks. 

Can you guess the next item on the Internet Download Manager benefits list? That’s right, proxy server support. Click here to learn how to set proxy servers in IDM.

10. Affordable Price 

With all this talk about IDM advantages, I bet you are wondering whether or not the price is affordable, and the answer is yes. 

First, you must understand that IDM is not just a download manager; it is the perfect download assistant powered by a download speed accelerator.

IDM offers anything you require from a download manager. So in your opinion, how much should this type of software cost? 

Purchasing a Lifetime or Yearly License of IDM Costs You an Affordable Price Compared to Many Other Software Solutions
Image Source: Pexels.Com

We offer IDM’s license plans at a very low price because we want you to enjoy fast downloading and never get stuck with corrupted files:

(Let’s be honest, you pay way more than $10 for your Starbucks or McDonald’s.)

Internet Download Manager FAQ

Why should you install an internet download manager?

An internet download manager enables you to organize and control your downloads. Browser downloading is OK, but there isn’t any customization like pause/resume, scheduling, simultaneous downloading, etc. The most important benefit of an internet download manager is the boost in download speed. One of the main IDM advantages is that it speeds up downloading by 5 times. 

Can you use IDM with all web browsers?

One of the best Internet Download Manager benefits is that it integrates with popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, AOL, MSN, and Maxthon.

Is Internet Download Manager free to use before purchase?

IDM has a free 30 days trial which allows you to test its advanced download tools, such as the resume/pause feature, built-in scheduler, IDM integration module, dynamic file segmentation technology, and more. After the free trial period, you can purchase IDM’s lifetime license at a budget-friendly price here.

Can you use the IDM license on more than one device?

No. Each IDM license is valid per device, but you can use IDM on multiple operating systems running on the same device. You can also integrate IDM with all your browsers for fast and uninterrupted downloads. Click here to check out IDM’s two popular license plans at a significantly lower market price.

Is IDM easy to use?

Absolutely. IDM features and the overall interface make it one of the most user-friendly download managers on the market. IDM has a simple look and doesn’t confuse users with lots of unnecessary effects or elements.

Does Internet Download Manager increase download speed?

Yes. One of IDM advantages is that it uses a download speed accelerator tool to increase download speed up to 5 times. Most IDM features are about optimizing download speed such as download queues, a download scheduler, etc.


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