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Internet Download Manager Crack Guide and Details

Everyone loves original stuff, whether it’s a shoe, a purse, a painting, a car, etc. So why would someone choose a fake version of what he wants over its original version? Well, the obvious answer would be “to save a few bucks.” 

But are you really saving money or losing money?

Imagine this: you just rented a 1-bedroom apartment in New York City overlooking Central Park. Now, you obviously paid a great deal of money for your apartment, so you must invest in the best door lock to ward off potential burglars. What happens if you choose a below-average lock because you think the neighborhood and the building are safe enough? You are basically leaving the door open for anyone to break in.

The apartment in New York City is your expensive PC, and the flimsy lock is the Internet Download Manager crack. How so? 

Stay tuned as we elaborate and cover the downsides of using Internet Download Manager crack instead of purchasing its reasonably priced license

What Is the Internet Download Manager Software?

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads.
Image Source: FreePik

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is software that allows you to download any type of file at the fastest speed. IDM is like a download accelerator tool, making it super fast and easy for users to download multiple files securely. 

Mac or Linux users are left out for this one because IDM is only available for Windows operating systems. 

(How’s Apple looking now? Just kidding. We love Apple products.)

What is Internet Download Manager Used for?

Downloading files sounds like a straightforward task, but in reality, users might run into some problems, such as network issues, power outages, etc. If anything interrupts the process of downloading a file, that file will usually become corrupted or, in other words, useless.

So, what’s the solution? Internet Download Manager (IDM).

IDM is an amazing feature-rich software that can download multiple files simultaneously, and also restore interrupted downloads. Unlike the download function in web browsers, the Internet Download Manager creates multiple connections to the server, so your chosen file downloads much faster. 

Although IDM connects to the server from several links to download files, the server thinks several users are downloading files, not one. However, according to PCMag.com, some organizations – those that operate with limited servers – set up detection tools to restrict IDM from generating additional connections.

IDM Can Use Full Bandwidth and Has Recovery and Resume Capabilities to Restore the Interrupted Downloads
Image Source: Shutterstock

Internet Download Manager Features: 

Built-in Scheduler: To create and schedule customized download sessions

Download Resume: To restart unfinished downloads from the place they got interrupted (No full restart)

Smart Dynamic Segmentation: To find the largest segment to download based on available connections (Optimizes and accelerates download speed and performance by up to 5 times) 

One-click Download: To make downloading as easy as possible without any extra steps (Beginner-friendly software)

Browser Extension: To download files from websites easily

Customizable Interface: To create your own toolbar skins

Browser Support: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

Why did we talk about IDM crack as the weakest lock you could install on your expensive New York apartment door? 

Because every file you download can contain malware or virus that could harm your device – your apartment –, and IDM crack – the flimsy lock – is the gateway for these types of infected files. More on this later.

How to Register for the Internet Download Manager?

The first thing you need to do is purchase an Internet Download Manager license. 

Some of you might say, why buy something when there is a free version of it, i.e., the IDM crack? 

In the following sections, you’ll get unsettling answers to this question. But for now, let’s discuss how you can get started with the Internet Download Manager. 

Download IDM from this link: Download IDM.

Now, to purchase a lifetime or yearly Internet Download Manager license, click on the link below:


After you purchase IDM’s license, you’ll get an email containing your Serial Number. Follow the steps below to register IDM:

  1. Run Internet Download Manager
  2. Copy and paste your Serial Number in the field shown below
Activating Internet Download Manager Software
Image Source: internetdownloadmanager
  1. Select Help from the menu bar and click on About. You should see the picture below that confirms you have installed the Full version of IDM. Check the name of the license owner and make sure it matches your name. 
Check If Name of License Owner Matches Your Information.
Image Source: internetdownloadmanager

Note: If the Registration button is not active after finishing these steps (like the picture above), that means you have successfully registered for IDM.

What Is the Internet Download Manager Crack?

Internet Download Manager crack is like the knockoff version of a genuine product. 

Internet Download Manager crack is created by third-party developers. They basically modify the coding of the IDM software and make adjustments so that unpaid users can use it. 

It all sounds well and good, right? 

Well, it’s not.

Programmers who create IDM crack might also put malicious malware in the coding. Therefore, the minute you run the cracked version of IDM, your device gets infected. 

Remember we talked about the potentiality of losing money when buying a fake product at the beginning of this article? 

If dangerous malware infects your device through an IDM crack, not only your critical data might get corrupted, but your whole system will be at risk. And if you face permenant damage for your system, you’ll end up paying at least $700 for a new laptop. ($700 is 46 times more than $15; the price of the lifetime Internet Download Manager License.)

Internet Download Manager Crack Pitfalls

Many developers are harmless programmers who do what they do out of sheer passion, but some of them have bad intentions; born hackers. 

The IDM crack you run on your system might have been developed by a dangerous hacker. So if you are a non-tech person, like most people, you won’t notice system infections until it is too late. 

But that’s not all. IDM crack comes with other juicy threats; here are some of them:

  • The websites that offer Internet Download Manager crack might contain adware and other types of online threats. Also, since these websites are not legitimate, they don’t offer any kind of support. Red Flag!
  • Developers release Internet Download Manager updates every once in a while to keep the software safe and at peak performance, but IDM crack does not have access to these updates.
  • By using Internet Download Manager crack, the IDM software will crash quite often because it is an altered version of its genuine version.

Do you need any more reasons not to use IDM crack?

We hope not. 

License for Internet Download Manager: Why Should You Buy It?

Internet Download Manager license allows you to register for IDM and start downloading files 5 times faster than your web browser would. Now, if you choose not to register for IDM, you can take advantage of the 30-day trial period. But after this period is over, your access will be revoked.  

You can choose a lifetime or yearly Internet Download Manager License and enjoy fast downloading without worrying about malware that accompanies IDM crack.  

Here’s the bottom line:

If you want your data and system to be at risk, use Internet Download Manager crack, but if you want to use a genuine product that already has built-in safety protocols, spend a few bucks on an Internet Download Manager license.

Internet Download Manager Crack FAQ

Is Internet Download Manager Worth Buying?

It depends on your specific needs. Low downloading speed is frustrating, especially, when you are at a deadline. If you download audio or video files frequently or need to install different software for your work from time to time, then yes, purchasing the Internet Download Manager license is absolutely worth it. 

Also, if you need to step out of the house or go to bed early, you can schedule downloads and enable instructions in IDM to shut down your system after downloading is finished. 
Thanks to IDM, no more corrupted files due to connection interruptions and manual downloads that take up so much of your valuable time.

Is Internet Download Manager Fast?

Yes. However, according to Medium.com, the downloading speed depends on your connection speed, but what’s great about IDM is that it fully utilizes your network bandwidth, so the downloading speed is at its highest. (Keep in mind that IDM is a downloading software, and optimizing your Internet connection speed is not its job.)

Is Internet Download Manager Crack Fake Software?

In a manner of speaking, yes. 
Here’s how you can justify it for yourself. Imagine that you developed software that can enhance human vision by 5 times. Let’s call your brilliant software Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye is a genuine program specifically designed to enhance photoreceptors’– special cells in the eye – speed and performance. 
Eagle Eye software is coded into a chip that attaches to your brain, and without the original license key, the product will not work properly and can even damage your eyesight.
Now, some wannabe hears about your software and creates a replica that doesn’t require any license to function. Let’s call this software Eagle Eye Crack. 

How Much Does Internet Download Manager Cost?

You can download IDM for free, but the Internet Download Manager license has different rates. We don’t want to brag, but our rates are quite competitive: 
Internet Download Manager License- Lifetime Access: $18
Internet Download Manager License- Yearly Access: $10
Look at IDM’s license as an investment because, in the long run, you definitely will benefit from using an original product.

Which Version of the Software Would You Choose and Why?

If you’re a rational human being, you would pick Eagle Eye and won’t go within a 5-mile radius of Eagle Eye Crack. Why? 
Because Eagle Eye is the real deal and absolutely safe, and Eagle Eye Crack is fake and potentially harmful. 


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