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What Features Are Must Have for the Best Download Manager?

Suppose you want to take a trip to Paris for the Christmas holidays. As your flight manager, I will give you two options:

  1. To fly in a top-level four-engine jet powered by an AI that allows you to pause the jet mid-air as long as you want and then resume the path at any time. Let’s call this jet Supersonic Jet. (Supersonic Jet runs on a diamond battery that lasts for thousands of years, so even your great great grandchildren can use it to fly anywhere in the world 5 times faster than any other airplane. Also, Supersonic Jet has a button that changes the color theme of the cabin and schedules night-time routines.)
  2. To fly in a slow ordinary airplane that offers no customization features at all. (This airplane only has one power source and will get you to your destination 5 times slower than the Supersonic Jet.)

Before you start worrying about the price of option 1, let me reassure you that it is a one-time cost and super affordable.

So, if you’re royalty at heart like I am, you are not even considering option 2.

Why pass on a chance to experience royal and fast flying for the rest of your life? Life is too short to spend the time you don’t have flying around in a ridiculously slow and ancient airplane.

Excellent. We are now on the same page.

Now, onto the topic of this article, using the best download manager is like choosing option 1 – a super fast and reliable option with a one-time fee – for downloading anything.

Let’s dive in to make everything crystal clear.

A Super Fast and Reliable Internet Download Manager Should Have 3 Most Important Feature: Speed, Resume, Customization
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3 Essential Features of the Best Download Manager

The best download manager is software that trumps browser downloading in three critical categories:

  1. Speed
  2. Resume Capability
  3. Customization

(The Supersonic Jet has all three features.)

1.    Speed

The first reason download managers have become so popular is that they boost downloading speed by a huge degree. With browser downloading, you are downloading your file by accessing a server from a single point or address.

On the other hand, the best download manager sets up multiple access points to a server to speed up the downloading process. For example, Internet Download Manager (IDM), the front runner in the top download manager contest, divides your chosen file into several parts, then sends data requests to the server for each part. All parts will start downloading data simultaneously, and then IDM patches these parts and delivers one whole file.

You might ask, how does IDM affect downloading speed?

IDM does not affect your Internet speed but implements a downloading technique that allows users to download files faster. Here’s how it works:

Server owners limit their bandwidth per download request so more users can access their servers at the same time. If users exceed this limit, the connection becomes slow and usually gets interrupted several times. Web browser downloading is slow because of this exact reason; you want to access a server to download an over-the-bandwidth-limit file, and the server cuts you off.

Since IDM connects to the server from multiple points, it’s as if multiple users are requesting data, which is what server owners want, so Access Granted. Now you have IDM to thank for supersonic download speed.

2.    Resume Capability

Any app feature that can make our lives easier is worth the cost. The resume feature in download managers is one of these life-smoother features. Sometimes at work, you might experience network downtime, especially if the company servers are being updated. Now, you are in a hurry and need to download multiple files but are afraid of network interruptions.

Network Interruptions and Downtimes Happen All the Time, but Internet Download Manager Is Designed to Handle Any of These Unforeseen Situations.
Image Source: Freepik.com

Like IDM, the best download manager should have a resume feature that eases all of these fears. No files will be lost whether there are network interruptions or you need to pause downloading manually.

Network interruptions and downtimes happen all the time, but a reliable download manager is designed to handle any of these unforeseen situations.

IDM takes the resume feature to the next level, repairing any damage caused by network interruptions. If you use your web browser for downloading and your connection gets interrupted, you will usually end up with a corrupted or fragmented file. But with IDM, you get the top download manager that boosts downloading speed by 5 times and also has all the repairing tools for mending interrupted downloads.

3.    Customization

No download manager software offers customization features like IDM.

Think of it like this. The online world is a big white canvas; the apps are the color pallets on this canvas. Would you want to look at a white canvas filled with neutral or soulless colors all day long?

What makes popular apps like Instagram or TikTok so addictive that people cannot be unplugged from them? They know how to paint the canvas.

Software is the same.

Why should anyone use an app that doesn’t give users customization features like button shapes/colors, themes, column order, size, etc.? We are not talking about 50 features that would only cause confusion; we are talking about giving users customization options so they can feel like they are in control.

(By the way, IDM offers all the mentioned features, and that’s one of the reasons it has become the top download manager among users worldwide.)

IDM & the Competition for the Top Download Manager Title; Which Software Wins?

We mentioned IDM several times in this article because the software is more than just a download manager. The IDM team knows what users need and expect from a download manager app and delivers them. Internet Download Manager is just like the Supersonic Jet we discussed in the introduction; exclusive, fast, and 100% reliable.

However, as good as IDM is, some argue it’s not the only game in town.

Download Accelerator Plus, Internet Download Accelerator, and EagleGet are IDM’s competitors. But when it comes to the best download manager for Windows, IDM wins every time. (Our Windows users can share their thoughts on this matter in the comment section.)

IDM Wins the Competition for the Top Download Manager and Accelerator Solution

So let’s compare the best download manager, IDM, with its rivals to settle the debates once and for all.

Download Accelerator Plus Features

  • Automatic video conversions into MP3 files
  • Offers Multi Antivirus Security
  • Supports downloads from YouTube, Metacafe, and Dailymotion
  • “Speedbit’s acceleration engine” to increase downloading speed
  • Link Checker to identify broken or corrupted download links
  • Supports multi-file downloads (Premium)
  • Trace Cleaner
  • DAPsters add-on to skip searching for the download button

Internet Download Accelerator Features

  • Detects downloadable links automatically
  • Works across multiple browsers
  • Supports download groups
  • Downloads files to different destination folders
  • Supports basic or advanced download session schedules
  • Supports downloads from YouTube, Metacafe
  • Automatic category detection feature to manage downloads
  • Active Visual Cart technology for faster app navigation

EagleGet Features

  • Automated malware checker
  • Downloads multiple files simultaneously
  • The app has two versions: Portable and Full
  • Offers theme customization features such as saturation, colors, and contrast
  • Updates expired URLs automatically
  • Silent Mode to turn off download notifications
  • Supports multiple download queues
  • Allows users to set speed limits for specific downloads

We can’t close the “compare the best download manager” section without a comparison table.

Download ManagerSupported ProtocolsDynamic SegmentationPause/Resume FeatureSupported OSBrowser IntegrationPrice Range
IDMHTTP, FTP, HTTPS, MMSWindowsMicrosoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, MSN Explorer, AOL, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, Maxthon+$8
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)FTP, HTTPWindows, macOSInternet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape, Safari and Flock+$24.95
Internet Download Accelerator (IDA)FTP, HTTP, HTTPSWindowsInternet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla, Opera, VivaldiFree (Internet Download Accelerator PRO: +$7.50)
EagleGetHTTPS, FTP, RTSP, HTTP, MMSWindowsGoogle Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla FirefoxFree

Although all of the download managers in this table support Google Chrome, the integration process is another issue. So far, the best download manager for Chrome in regards to automatic and easy integration is IDM.


The Supersonic Jet is an exclusive, or rather royalty, choice of an airplane.

What is your first thought when you hear the word “Royalty?”

I think of a beautiful, exquisite mansion in Great Britain, and I know that if there was a lifetime entrance ticket to this dreamy mansion, I would gladly pay for it.

So why not think about premium apps like IDM in this way?

Instead of complaining about license fees, think about all the exclusive features you get to use. And remember, one-of-a-kind products are never cheap.

Here’s a helpful tip for when “too expensive” debates start unraveling in your mind:

How much would I charge if this was my own product?

The Best Download Manager FAQ

Is IDM the Best Download Manager?

IDM is the best download manager for Windows. Unfortunately, the latest version of IDM is not supported on Linux and macOS. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the best alternative to IDM for macOS users.
Here’s a great source to find the best download manager for Linux:
The 8 Best Linux Download Managers for Faster Downloads

What Is the Best Download Manager for Chrome?

Chrome has become one of the most popular web browsers. So naturally, it would pair excellently with the most popular download manager, IDM.

Why Should You Use a Download Manager?

A download manager gives you everything web browsers’ download tool does not; speed, customization, resume feature, download schedules, etc. Download managers are designed to accelerate downloading speed through ingenious methods. Please refer to the “Speed” section above for more information.

How Much Speed Acceleration to Expect from a Download Manager?

The top download manager, Internet Download Manager, accelerates downloading speed up to five times. IDM utilizes network bandwidth in the most productive way by creating multiple access points to a server. These access points allow IDM to download files faster by dividing them into several parts.

Do Download Manager Products Slow Down PC Performance?

It depends on your PC’s resources. For example, if you have an old PC running on 2 GB of RAM and an outdated CPU, even the lightest download manager can cause poor PC performance. (IDM divides a file into several parts and needs to merge them in the end, requiring high amounts of RAM. So, EagleGet is a better option for low-end PCs.)

Where to Buy an Internet Download Manager License?

Where it is offered at the most affordable prices, our website!
Life-time license of Internet Download Manager: $15
One-year license of Internet Download Manager: $8


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