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Internet Download Manager Experience on Smartphones

We install all kinds of apps and software on our phones and use them daily. That’s the beauty of technology; it literally has turned our phones into tiny computers. So it’s only natural for us to want to use popular apps like IDM on our phones as well as our personal computers. 

Some Popular Software Products Are Not Exactly Available on Smartphones But You Can Find Equivalent Alternatives
Image Source: Pexels.com

So why isn’t there a version of IDM for Android/iOS phones still?

Let’s think about one of the most popular online games of all time, World of Warcraft. If you have played this exciting game on your +40-inch computer monitor before, you know the sense of rush that comes with it; it’s as if you are really on the field. Now, I tell you that you can play World of Warcraft on your mobile as well. Which device would you choose and why?

If it were me, I would choose my huge monitor to play this magnificent game over my phone any day because the experience is oh-so-wonderful. 

Do you get the idea? It’s the experience and the feeling that makes the game special. 

Now, I have another question for you. Do you think it’s easy to create software that delivers the exact same experience on both mobile phones and computers?

Compatibility issues aside, it is super challenging to create feature-rich software such as IDM and expect it to offer the same user experience in different devices of size and operating systems. 

Now can you guess why we can’t use IDM on mobile up to this moment?

To keep the quality and originality of software high, most software companies refrain from releasing compatible versions for mobile phones. 

Download Manager Solutions for Android and iOS

So what choice do you have? 

Regarding IDM – the best download manager software on the market – you can use it on your PC and enjoy downloading five times faster than other software, among other amazing features. 

Choosing Top IDM for Android and iOS Alternatives Helps You Manage Downloads on Your Phones Most Easily
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As for your phone, in this article, we introduce top download manager apps that can deliver the same-ish results compared to using IDM on mobile. As you will see, some of these apps have IDM right in their name; that’s because Internet Download Manager has received such glowing feedback from users that it’s become an icon in the tech world. 

(Many companies claim they have software that acts basically as an IDM on mobile, but please be aware that IDM software does not have a mobile version yet. Hopefully, the company will release it soon; when they do, IDM on mobile will be more like IDM on steroids. πŸ˜€)

First, we want to share a short section highlighting IDM’s features for those unfamiliar with the software. That’s because although you can’t use it on your phone, it certainly is missing from your computer’s download arsenal. 

Brief Intro About IDM & Its Jazzing Features

IDM is short for Internet Download Manager, software that is specifically designed to combat downloading issues and accelerate downloading speed to a tee. 

What are these downloading issues?

Download Scheduling Capability

Most of us live hectic lives and our daily schedule changes by the hour. So for a long time, we dreaded downloading because it required us to sit behind the computer with our eyes glued to the screen until the files were downloaded. 

No bathroom or snack breaks, let alone tending to our other priorities. IDM scheduler has solved this issue beautifully. With the IDM scheduler, we can create download queues and let IDM do its magic. No interference and no manual instruction; it sounds robotic, but we love it. 

Internet Download Manager on Smartphones Can Boost Your Download Experience Significantly
Image Source: Freepik.com

Resume Capability

Resume buttons don’t work unless they belong to IDM. (OK, maybe they do in some apps, but as far as we know, hitting them either restarts the download at 0% or delivers a corrupted file in the end.) 

Now, no one has the time or extra gigabytes to waste on non-working resume features, but with IDM, every second and every gigabyte counts. IDM’s resume feature allows you to pause your downloads and resume downloading without any wasted or corrupt parts. 

You can blend this feature with the previous one for smart downloading, i.e., automatic downloading at off-peak times.

Fast Downloading

IDM’s intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology is the secret behind its fast downloading speed. IDM prides itself on downloading files five times faster than other software or browsers; this is not a selling point, we and many other users can vouch for it. 

In fact, we love to hear your reviews on IDM; please share them in the comment section.

OK, we hear you. Enough about IDM, and let’s get on with our main topic: the best mobile download manager apps on the market. 

(Before we get started, remember that you can’t use IDM on mobile, but in the next sections, we introduce some of IDM’s best alternatives you can use as an Android download manager and iOS download manager.)

Top 8 IDM for Android Alternatives

IDM for Android is a term people search for because of the popularity of IDM among downloading software. The table below lists Android download manager apps that offer similar functionalities compared to IDM. 

Advanced Download Manager Is One of the Most Powerful Downloaders for Android
Image Source: Apkdone.com
IDM for Android SchedulerParallel Downloading Torrent Download SupportPause/Resume FeatureAd-free
Turbo Download Managerβœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…
Free Download Manager FDMβœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…
Advanced Download Manager Holoβœ…βœ…N/Aβœ…βœ…
Advanced Download Managerβœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…βŒ
Fast Download Manager βŒβœ…βœ…βŒβŒ
Download Manager AcceleratorβŒβœ…βœ…βŒβŒ
Easy Downloader ProβŒβœ…βŒβŒβŒ

If we had to choose from these top 8 IDM for Android, we would pick FDM because it has received excellent user feedback and is super easy to use. But make sure you install software that can deliver what you need, especially if you are paying for it. 

Top 5 IDM Alternatives for iOS

I bet IDM is both thrilled and terrified that people would say such terms as IDM for iOS. Thrilled because it shows how much people love the Internet Download Manager software, and terrified because there is no IDM for iOS, only its close equivalents. 

Best IDM Replacement for iOS Includes: idownloader, fGet, and Dmanager.
Image Source: digitbin.com

The table below is a list of iOS download manager apps that offer few similar functionalities compared to IDM. 

IDM for iOSSchedulerParallel Downloading Unlimited DownloadsPause/Resume FeatureCons
iDownloaderβœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…Contains bugs
Browser & Documents ManagerβŒβœ…βœ…βœ…Does not support audio/video files
fGetβŒβœ…βœ…βœ…Does not support background playback
DManagerβŒβœ…βœ…βœ…Pop-up Ads
Files App (Former name: Downloads Lite)βŒβœ…βŒβœ…Monthly fees for unlimited downloads

Of the top 5 IDM for iOS, our favorite is iDownloader. Although some users reported experiencing bug issues, overall, it gets the job done fast. 

iOS is a high-maintenance software compared to Android, so make sure you install an iOS download manager that is 99% compatible with your device. Some mobile download manager apps might be compatible with Apple operating systems but operate differently on different devices.  

IDM for Android Guide FAQ

Is IDM Available for Android?

No. IDM is only available for Windows operating systems, but there are many IDM alternatives you can use as an Android download manager. We listed eight of them in the ”Top 8 IDM for Android” section.Β 

What Is the Best IDM for Android Phones?

Based on our experiences and reviewing users’ feedback, the best IDM for Android include FDM, 1DM+, and Turbo Download Manager.

What Is Similar to IDM for Android Phones?

Turbo Download Manager is the best alternative to IDM for Android phones. We have listed eight Android download manager apps in the ”Top 8 IDM for Android” section; check it out if you are looking for more options.Β Β 

Which Downloader Is the Best for iOS?

iDownloader and fGet are the frontrunners in the best IDM for iOS competition. However, if you need a download scheduler, you should go with iDownloader.

Can I Use IDM on Mobile?

The current version of IDM is only compatible with Windows operating systems, but the company has declared that there might be Android/iOS versions of IDM in the future.Β Β 


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