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Introducing File Sharing Platforms

What has been the best benefit of tech advancement? 

I’d have to say saving time. 

Let’s start with a simple yet relevant example. Imagine it’s 1997, and the first Harry Potter book has come out. Everyone is antsy to get a copy and dive in; before you know it, the books are sold out. Now, you have two options, wait for the second release or ask your friend to share the book with you. 

The first option is no good because you’d have to wait several months to buy your copy, and the second option is not exactly doable. Even if you and your friend start to read the book at the same time, you both have to adjust to each other’s reading speed. Not to mention there are a lot of weird names in the first Harry Potter book, so at some point, you may have to re-read a page. That’s when the hair-pulling and yelling start. 

File Sharing Is the Practice of Distributing or Providing Access to Digital Media in General
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So what if there was a way your friend could share the book with you virtually? 

Then you both would be able to read the book at your own pace and anywhere you wanted.

This was just an example to clarify how much file-sharing sites can help you save time and browse through any data based on your schedule. 

Obviously, because of copyright issues, it isn’t ethical or even legal for your friend to share the Harry Potter book with you, but you get the idea. 

This article is about how you can download from sharing sites (which is 100% legal) at a much faster rate. But first, let’s talk a little about file-sharing sites/platforms. 

What Is A File-Sharing Website?

File Sharing Sites Provide Services to Access Digital Media Like Photos, Videos, Documents, Etc., from Anywhere
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A file-sharing site is an online platform that allows users to upload and download files virtually (Good for users and the environment). To download from sharing sites, most of them anyway, you need to create an account and pick a username and a password. 

Some websites allow you to upload and download files without registering, but you might face speed or upload/download limits. 

Mediafire, Sync, Wetransfer, Rapidshare, Internxt Are the Leading File Sharing Websites for Storing, Transferring and Uploading Files
Image Source: Iemlabs.com

Top 5 File-Sharing Websites

If you download from sharing sites frequently, then it’s important to use a trustworthy platform. Check out these ultra secure file-sharing websites, and then we’ll discuss how you can increase your downloading speed to maximize your productivity. 

1. MediaFire

  • Multiple simultaneous downloads (Bulk Downloading) are supported
  • The Basic plan supports 10 GB
  • Android and iOS applications
  • Direct and ad-free downloads (Premium)
  • Password protection (Premium)
  • Download managers are supported (Premium)
  • 1-time download links (Premium)
  • 1 TB of bandwidth per month (Premium)
  • Premium pricing starts at $5.83/month
MediaFire Logo

2. Sync.com

  • Real-time backup to recover from ransomware, hardware failure, and human error 
  • Custom-branded client file portal
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure 
  • Advanced security protocols, including two-factor authentication, granular user permissions, remote wipe, etc
  • Unlimited cloud storage and unlimited data transfer (Premium)
  • Activity logs and desktop notifications on all sharing activity
  • Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Microsoft Office 365 integration is supported
  • Premium pricing starts at $6/month

3. WeTransfer

  • Full visibility over all your transfers with a chronological record of every file
  • 200 GB per transfer and 1 TB extra storage per team member with the Pro plan
  • Real-time visual design and copy feedback
  • Due dates and automated reminders feature
  • Preview and playback are supported to save downloading storage
  • Teams option to manage files and collaborate faster 
  • Teams Switcher (be a part of as many teams as you want)
  • Two-factor authentication and early threat detection
  • Premium pricing starts at $12.86/month
WeTransfer Logo

4. RapidShare

  • 100% free uploads and downloads (maximum file size for free accounts: 1 GB)
  • Password option to protect your files
  • All types of files are supported, including music, videos, and photos (Copyright laws must be adhered to.)
  • Anonymous payments are supported
  • Unlimited simultaneous downloads (Premium)
  • Direct downloads without speed limitations (Premium)
  • Upload files up to 10.00 GB in size (Premium)
  • Download managers are supported (Premium)
  • Premium pricing starts at $1.99 per day
RapidShare logo

 5. Internxt

  • Supports 10 GB of file transfer for free
  • Seamless integration with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Apple iCloud
  • Password Protected File Sharing
  • Military-grade encryption (AES-256)
  • Zero-Knowledge and end-to-end encryption
  • Encrypt and share large files fast and securely with Send
  • Internxt Drive to organize and share your files based on your preferences
  • Internxt Photos to upload visual files protected with blockchain technology
  • Premium pricing starts at $1.06/month

Now that you know some of the popular platforms to upload or download files, it’s time we introduce you to the software that could be named the wizard of download managers.

How to Download from Sharing Sites at a Supersonic Speed?

There is only one download manager that offers:

  • Supersonic downloading speed (5-times faster than its competitors)
  • Has a functional pause/resume button (most download managers claim they offer this feature, but the reviews we read say otherwise)
  • Allows users to be in charge of their time by offering them the download scheduler feature
  • Executes multiple download queues simultaneously

And best of all, it supports downloading from sharing websites.

The name of this oh-so-popular download manager is Internet Download Manager

Whether you want to download from sharing sites or other streaming platforms, downloading with IDM gives you a 100% hassle-free downloading experience. Most users complain about their downloading speed and how they lost important files during a download because of non-working pause/resume buttons. Well, you won’t run into any downloading problems with IDM.

This doesn’t mean that if you download with IDM, your internet speed increases; IDM uses advanced technology to create multiple access points to a server, and that’s how you can enjoy 5-times faster downloading speed. 

(If you want to buy IDM’s license at a cost-effective rate, click here.)

Download with IDM: Sharing Websites Edition

IDM’s feature to download files from sharing websites is straightforward, like all of its features. Keep in mind that you need to create a premium account on your file-sharing website to use IDM’s Site Login feature. 

Here’s how:

  1. Open IDM and click on Options
  2. Click on Site Logins.
  3. Write “sitename.com” and “*.sitename.com” for server names.
  4. Enter your login information. (Username and password.)
How to Download From File Sharing Websites Using IDM in the Software Interface
Credit: IDM

That’s it. Now you can download files from sharing websites 5-times faster than your co-workers or even your boss. 😉

Wrapping It Up

Whether you run a 1-man business or a 1000-men company, you must have run into file-sharing issues at some point. Then after a simple Google search, you find out that there are excellent file-sharing platforms that allow you to upload/download multiple files and share them with anyone at any time.

Did you have any extra issues with your downloading?

Maybe you wanted to download from sharing sites at 2 a.m. but kept having to start over your downloads because of network interruptions? 

Or maybe you just wanted to go to sleep and wished the files could download themselves?

I feel you.

And I have the ultimate solution to your problem:

Download with IDM.

So simple yet so neglected. Many users may even use Internet Download Manager right now but are unaware of its Site Login feature, which is just one of IDM’s practical and intelligent features. 

IDM’s Site Login feature enables users to download files from sharing websites 5-times faster, with zero glitches. Truly, IDM is one of a kind among its many competitors, and the reason lies in the product’s features; they are what everyone needs (or will need_yup; the IDM team is always improving their product.) to download anything effortlessly. 

Download from Sharing Websites using IDM FAQ

How to download from sharing websites faster?

You need to use a fast and reliable download manager like IDM. If you download with IDM, you have full control over your downloads and you experience 5-times faster speed compared to other download managers.  

What is the best platform for uploading/downloading files?

MediaFire and Sync.com are excellent file-sharing platforms and have budget-friendly pricing plans. Check out their amazing features in the “Top 5 File Sharing Websites” section.

Is it safe to download from sharing websites using IDM?

IDM has strict privacy policies regarding all matters. It’s 100% natural to be concerned about your data safety considering the rising rates of hacks and cyber threats. But rest assured, IDM is the safest download manager and has built a glowing reputation since day one.


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